Iron Fist!

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I am not supposed to be posting right now! I’ve got eight hours until a beast of a games deadline and holy crap am I not even close to being done!

Couple quick procrastinatory things, though.

ironfist003_cvr_col.jpg My secret shame is that I’m an Iron Fist fan. I love kung-fu movies. I used to own dubbed copies of nearly the entire Wu-Tang series, crap spinoffs and all. Putting Brubaker and Matt (Casanova) Fraction on a Danny Rand ongoing is icing on a cake… but when you give me covers like this? You guys are trying to make me fall in love. I love everything about it, from the awesome Iron Fist sweater (I would buy it) to the properly worn pants (off the hips is the only way to be) to the guns.

Guns! In an Iron Fist comic!

In other news, why are we not number one in a google search for Mary Jane Watson vs Lois Lane?

Do none of you remember “Who Would Win In A Fight? Mary Jane Watson vs Lois Lane?” I give you guys gold like this:

This seems pretty evenly matched. Rough’n’ready tomboy vs Super-hero trained model. Assuming no weapons, this would probably be a pretty even match. Lois Lane has experience, but she’s also got to be pushing 40 by now. Mary Jane is somewhere between 27-30. I will say that Kate Bosworth is an adorable Lois Lane, but she’s adorable because she looks to be roughly twee and a haff yeaws old.

and we’re only the fifth result on Google? We’re barely beating some nutball pervo’s story about Mary Jane and Lois getting into a catfight, which leads into frankly gross and violent sexual proceedings?

C’mon! Strike a blow for the power of not being a pervert!

Link that article, kids! Link it everywhere! We want to be number one! If we’re number one, then you’re number one! That doesn’t make any sense but believe it anyway!

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One comment to “Iron Fist!”

  1. I’ve always been a huge mark for Iron Fist, mostly the same reasons (love of chop socky movies), plus the fact dude pimped his pasty self with a straight from the disco open shirt and some goddamn yellow slipers. It’s like he wanted you to insult him just so he could shove your nose into the back of your skull.

    One story that always stuck out in my mind is an old issue of PM&IF, where Danny is sitting beside a bed ridden kid. Think he had cancer or something, been a long time. Anyway, he sits there for hours, channeling his own chi into the boy so he’ll survive. For whatever reason, it had a profound impact on me. It showed me that even something normally destructive can have a positive benefit. It even made me go out and learn some martial arts myself, where one of my sensei’s confirmed that what he was doing was legit.