This Week in Panels: Week 86

May 15th, 2011 Posted by Gavok

It’s the Free Comic Book Day edition of ThWiP! Which is good, since I didn’t really get too many books on Wednesday and need some padding. I did end up picking up Journey Into Mystery, which I’m enjoying the hell out of. The adventures of a now-young Loki will always trump the adventures of a now-young Tony Stark. Goddamn 90’s comics.

I’m joined by my usual folks, David Brothers, Was Taters and Space Jawa. As mentioned, last week’s FCBD stuff is being used here. At least, the stuff I got around to reading through. The Inspector Gadget one didn’t do much to wow (wowsers?) me and it suffers from one hell of a editing mistake on the second page. In a big two-page spread, what should be the dialogue between Gadget and Penny in the middle of the spread is instead being said by a stack of luggage on the far right of the image. How did nobody prevent this?

New Avengers is the first panel in a while that I’ve posted where it’s more about, “Look how bad this is.” The modern plot is interesting enough for the five pages we get an issue, but the Chaykin-drawn “Bendis decides to make his own Agents of Atlas lineup” segments are the worst. I’d drop this book if I thought this was going to be a new status quo for the series.

Atomic Robo FCBD
Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener and others

Batgirl #21
Bryan Q. Miller and Dustin Nguyen

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