Those are Some Achewood Mashups I Have

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Despite petering off due to a bevy of different reasons (including the possibility of an animated series), Achewood has been a major staple in the internet for well over a decade. The webcomic about some cats, an otter, a couple bears, a tiger, a squirrel and some robots has entertained many with its weird adventures and memorable dialogue. Every now and then, I’ve found myself editing certain comic books to fit the scene and essentially recreate key Achewood strips.

So here comes a special batch of Achewood/other comics mashups.

Transmetropolitan vs. Can I has Cheezburger

Infinite Crisis vs. Fluff My Hog

Killing Joke vs. Chicken Allergy/Bubble Boy
(by Maniac Clown)

Final Crisis vs. ASS IN YOUR PANTS

Strange Tales vs. Laying into Garfield

Saga vs. Philippe and the Skeleton

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vs. Pay Attention

Batman and Robin vs. Little Nephew’s Hip-Hop Pants
(inspired by Jerusalem)

And just to show that I can cover more than just this one webcomic:

Avengers vs. Dr. McNinja

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3 comments to “Those are Some Achewood Mashups I Have”


  2. If you do another batch of these, please use The Great Outdoor Fight.

  3. Do you even know how beautiful these are?