Nine, Ten… Never Eat Ice Cream Again…

August 7th, 2012 by |

My diet has been going pretty good lately. Since the new year, I’ve lost 42 pounds, eight more than my original goal. Here’s a comparison of me from December and me from a few weeks ago. Not bad.

I’ve been working out more, finding it much easier to break a sweat. I’ve been snacking on stuff that isn’t terrible for me, like Cheerios, low-fat Pringles and WhoNu cookies (I’ve discovered that their new vanilla wafers aren’t bad either). I make sure to schedule a big meal as a way to build willpower against impulsive eating. For instance, I can say to myself that on Thursday, I’m going to eat a stuffed mozzarella cheeseburger. That means that in the days leading up to it, I can’t make a quick stop at a diner on the way home from work or stop at the local fried chicken place. It also means that I’m going to enjoy that burger more than ever when I get to it.

One of the bigger things is simply dropping stuff from my diet, such as ice cream. Now, there are exceptions. I’ll enjoy the occasional milkshake or ice cream sandwich, but gone are the days when I’d eat an entire pint of cookies and cream. It’s been hard to shake the habit, but thankfully, an advertising agency just made it a lot easier.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

I’m pretty good on not sleeping for a while either.

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9 comments to “Nine, Ten… Never Eat Ice Cream Again…”

  1. Mega-congrats!

    When I heal a bit more, I can get back in the fitness room consistently. Meanwhile, sodas are so rare that I damn-near get loopy when I hit up a fast food restaurant combo. Crystal Lite has been my best friend for some time, now. Meal scheduling helps me, too, but I haven’t used it quite the way that you do. What I do is have nice sized, home-cooked (ie not always “healthy” but almost always healthiER than fast food) meals which make me less tempted by a vending machine.

  2. Follow-up comment/email post.

  3. Never want to eat ice cream again.

    I usually make a gross shake of greek yogurt, chocolate almond milk (THE BEST) and ice. it sort of works. sort of doesn’t. you get used to those kind of fakeouts, haha!

    congrats, man! how very inspirational!

  4. @West: Since i can’t drink liquor, I find that things like the crystal light mojito make my day really happy. because i can pretend i am getting sloshed when i am not.

    crystal light: greatest thing ever

  5. Their ice cream’s really pretty damn good, though. Trust me.

  6. Weird, I just always assumed you were a black dude. Thats pretty crazy, kudos to the weight-loss man.

  7. @TobyS: Passing. We try not to talk about it.

  8. @TobyS: I am. It’s just that I’m covered in vanilla ice cream in those photos.

  9. @Gavok: That’s not good for your diet.