Fourcast! 95: The New 52

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-DC’s in the process of releasing 52 mostly-new comics!
-We’re talking about the first full week.
-Esther picked up Action Comics, Stormwatch, Green Arrow, and Batgirl
-I picked up Static, Justice League, and Animal Man
-I also bought Swamp Thing, but didn’t manage to discuss it. It was fine–I just don’t think I’m much of a Swamp Thing fan is all.
-We have a conversation about whether or not people from the Midwest say “ain’t” in casual conversation.
-I think they do, because I assume all farmers talk like Southerners, and back home, we say “ain’t” like ain’t nothing wrong with that
-Esther says they don’t
-It turns out I have feelings about how cool Superman breaking chains on homage covers are
-Those feelings amount to “Ugh, why?”
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-Here comes a new challenger!
-See you, space cowboy!

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9 comments to “Fourcast! 95: The New 52”

  1. As someone from the Midwest, I can say that we generally don’t use ‘ain’t’ in casual conversation. I’m sure there are a few midwesterners who use it, but for the most part I think that’s just a southerner thing.

  2. Was someone, like, eating or something at the start of this? It’s really, really annoying to listen to.

  3. @Tad: esther had a cough drop, yeah

  4. @Tad: Yeah, sorry. David edited out the part where I started coughing so much that I couldn’t continue the podcast, then found an ancient cough drop in my bag.

  5. I was listening to the podcast and had to turn it off for the same reason, but now that I know you were sick, I feel kinda bad.

  6. I’ll echo Space Jawa’s comment. I don’t use “ain’t” in casual conversation, though I sometimes make a conscious decision to throw it in there, like if I decide to the word “ribald”, or speak in a terrible British accent. My parents both grew up on farms in southeastern Missouri, and neither of them use it, either. I’ll have to try paying closer attention to my other relatives, but offhand, I can’t recall any of them using it, either.

  7. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: Oh jeez, now I feel like an ass. Just to clarify: better to hear you guys talking with some cough drop action than not at all. 🙂

  8. @Tad: Don’t worry about it! At the time I was trying not to lisp so prominently around the cough drop, I didn’t notice the other noises. But yeah, you can hear them pretty well.

  9. This was my first time listening to the podcast. I really like it! Digging the laid back tone of the whole thing.

    One of you (I think David, but I’m not 100%) questioned the legality of the cops using a confession given under duress. The confession would probably be admissible because Superman isn’t a state actor and the confessor hadn’t been placed under arrest yet. You might be able to get the confession thrown out on the basis of irrelevance, but there’s not really a constitutional issue. And I doubt a jury would give much weight to a confession given after being threatened by a dangerous vigilante like Superman anyway 😉