Watch Cat Shit One For Free

February 8th, 2011 by | Tags: ,

I wrote a bit about Cat Shit One for AOL. You can read that here before watching Cat Shit One in full rightchea:

Or you can buy the DVD or Blu-ray. 30 bucks feels like a lot for 22 minutes, though. I’m torn. I liked it, but I dunno if I thirty dollars liked it.

I liked Deb’s look at the series a lot, too. Great job breaking down the context.

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5 comments to “Watch Cat Shit One For Free”

  1. When I saw this in the RSS feed I honestly thought this was a post showcasing a cat taking a a dump. And yet I still clicked on it… Goes to show what the internet can do to you.

  2. A lot of us just downloaded it when it hit the next last July…just saying.

  3. @Rhio2k:
    Whoops, I meant “when it hit the net last July”. Somebody who called themselves “Pretentious ripped it to mkv format and put links up “URVRYWHERE”, as Cleveland would say.

  4. @Rhio2k: Who cares? I know it’s been pirated, but it’d be nice to support the real thing for the price of zero dollars and zero cents, too.

  5. I WOULD support it if the price weren’t absolutely nuts. I think 3.99 to 6.99 is reasonable for 1 episode. Sadly, I don’t think this dude’s getting a sale. I would like to see this series continued, and I think that depends on dvd sales.