Fourcast! 78: All-Star Superman

February 28th, 2011 by | Tags: , ,

-We’re talking around All-Star Superman this time around!
-Written by Dwayne McDuffie!
-Directed by Sam Liu!
-We talk about Batman some, too.
-You know how it is.
-This review from the Let’s Be Friends Again guys is great, too.
-6th Sense’s
4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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5 comments to “Fourcast! 78: All-Star Superman”

  1. Like Esther said, the other Kryptonians are there to show how it’s not just the powers that make Ka-El Superman; it’s the influence of his human parents that made him the hero that he is. It also serves as a nice parallel to how Luthor redeems himself at the end, in that Superman’s basic decency brings them around to trying to be better, rather than just rule others.

    I love the idea that Luthor’s guards brought him notesbooks with the S-shield just to be dicks to him, though. That is now my believed reason for him having that.

  2. i’m no scientist, but i think the Superclone would still be a different person like David’s saying, it would still be brought up differently and have different formative experiences than the original Superman, even though they share the same DNA. there’s a ton more that determines who a person is than just their base genetic code. i guess that’s the nature vs. nurture debate.

  3. I want to second Prodigal, but I would also like to point out that the Kryptonians also show the difference between Kal-el and the Kryptonians: he’s a scientist like his father. He figures out problems. That’s his strength. And this helps draw parallels between him a Luthor so that when Superman loses his power, he can outwit Luthor because he is a scientist by nature. The Kryptonian battle mirrors the battle he has with Luthor later.

    And while I didn’t like that they cut the scene with Superman and his father, I thought the scene with Superman and his mother was quite touching.

  4. Oh, and would it have killed them to see Superman deliver the Kandorians to Mars? That was such a cool scene in the comic book. That and the therapist scene could’ve easily bee inserted into this story.

  5. @gary: Indeed the central theme of the movie was “Brains beat brawn every time”