Fourcast! 56: Under The Red Hood

August 2nd, 2010 by | Tags: , , ,

-Movie review!
-Guess what we’re talking about.
-You guessed it!
Batman: Under the Red Hood
-Esther gives it a thumbs down.
-David gives it a thumbs up.
-The thumbs up and thumbs down are pretty much for the exact same reasons.
-The Jonah Hex short was pretty good, though.
-Here’s a trailer:

-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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8 comments to “Fourcast! 56: Under The Red Hood”

  1. On violence in DC cartooons… I still contend that the most Nightmare Fuel image I saw was someone getting sucked into space in Green Lantern: First Flight. Still, good points all around.

  2. I always found the stories of someone wanting to or succeeding at killing a high profile villain, always fail because at this point the Joker has as much plot armor as Bruce Wayne, because every writer who wants to tell a Batman story wants to tell their version of the Joker. Its a piece of serialized stories and it is here to stay.

  3. Was that AMAZO?

  4. I wish they’d found a way to keep the Society members in without having to reference Infinite Crisis, that particular fight was much better with them in it as opposed to cyborg ninjas. The Amazo fight was shot for shot and very well done, I thought. My only nit-pick was that I recall reading an interview where they said they had to create an entirely new ending for the movie, since the book ended with everything splitting back into infinite earths as a tie-in. Did I miss where anything changed? Seemed exactly the same, unless they meant the exposition coming from Ra’s instead of an annual. Personally I enjoyed this one much more than Crisis on Two Earths.

  5. I wasn’t expecting Talia to have much of a role in the Red Hood movie, but it kind of ticked me off that she shot at Jason when he was all crazied up from the Lazarus Pit. I don’t know if either of you are reading the Red Hood: Lost Days series, but in that we see Talia showing Jason a lot of compassion, and it fleshes her out a bit more as a morally ambiguous character.

  6. @Munkiman: That was Amazo, yes.

    @Lou: Okay. Get ready for spoilers.

    In the comic book, Batman chucked the batarang and hit Jason. The Joker fell, saw that there were explosives on the ground, and put a gun to the explosives, blowing them all up and seemingly ‘killing’ Jason again. Then the universe exploded and Batman screamed ‘JASON!’. In the movie, Jason decided to explode them all. The Joker jumped on Batman, trying to kill them all. Batman knocked him to the ground and left him. Grabbed Jason – choosing Jason’s life over the Jokers – and then the room exploded. It felt like Batman finally made a choice as to what circumstances he would choose to let someone die. To me, it felt more like an ending than the other one did.

  7. @ Esther: I see what you mean, I just meant that in general it felt the same: Standoff, count of 3, then an explosion. Seeing what came after the boom did make it seem a little more finished, but from the article I read it sounded as if it would be something majorly different, not just shuffling around who did what and when in the same setting. Don’t get me wrong, still enjoyed the movie, especially Black Mask being the same over-the-top loon he was in the story. If only we’d gotten the Mask/Deathstroke conversation about Hyena…

  8. heh, weird since I remember Esther liking the original and David not really having an opinion on Winick.

    Also what a weird ass topic to end a podcast on, I approve