Black History Month 2011: Kyle Baker Interlude

February 12th, 2011 by | Tags: , ,

kyle baker, letitia lerner, superman’s babysitter
you can find it in bizarro comics, which is out of print, but widely available used or new for more than reasonable prices. hey dc! hook up a digital reprint of this tale and everything else from bizarro comics. you could be rolling in tens of dollars!

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3 comments to “Black History Month 2011: Kyle Baker Interlude”

  1. her initials being LL is a great detail

  2. While you guys are at it, get both of the Bizarro trades. Lots of fun stuff. It’s a shame that Marvel has taken the lead in letting indie artists spin their style in the company’s specials.

    I kinda hate DC for overreacting to lil Clark getting stuck in a microwave. I totally would have gotten the Elseworlds 80-pager back then.

  3. Kal drinking milk straight from the cow and th emicrowave panel are pure comedy gold.

    I need to go find my copy of Bizarro Comics and reread it tonight.