Best of 2010: Two Love Stories

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Acme Novelty Library 20, Afrodisiac, American Vampire, It Was the War of the Trenches, King City, Parker: The Outfit, Pluto, Thunderbolts, Twin Spica, Vagabond 9

jim rugg & brian maruca – afrodisiac

Blaxploitation homages can go either way. You can nail it or you can fall flat on your face. Rugg and Maruca nailed it, and the addition of a ’70s Marvel comics stylo propelled it all the way out of the park.

Further thoughts here and here.

brandon graham – king city

When she asks “Why didn’t you try harder?” you’ll realize what the series is really about.

Further thoughts here and here.

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3 comments to “Best of 2010: Two Love Stories”

  1. I just read through the copy of the King City Tokyopop version I grabbed the other month.

    Do you know what the collection plans for King City are?
    And is the Image series partially a re-release of the Tokyopop version or is it all a direct sequel to it.

  2. @CasinoGrande: No announced collection plans yet, and the Image series is a reprint of the Tokyopop version in a larger size with backups, and then six issues of all new material.

  3. @CasinoGrande:

    I asked Brandon Graham on his livejournal, as I’m looking to get a second set of King City to bind and share, since no collection plans were announced. He said that I shouldn’t be going that far yet.

    Nothing concrete, but this is the year where Flex Mentallo’s getting reprinted, so I’ve got hope.