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Before we get into the proceedings this evening: I was poking around on the internet once a couple weeks back, maybe the first weekend after San Diego Comic-con 2010, and saw something terrible. It was a drawing of a topless woman, legs spread, sitting in a, what, a meat locker? A restaurant? I don’t know, but everything around her was filled with poked out eyeballs, severed heads, butchered bodies, and entrails. The woman in question was rendered like a copy of a copy of a copy of Jim Lee’s sexier ladies. Simply put: it was gross on several levels, and it was supposed to advertise a comic book. I’m all for liking whatever you like, man, but the way this juxtaposed creepy sex and lazy gore just really got under my skin. I’m as interested in the way that sex and death interact and coexist as any other English major, but c’mon. Consider this series a bit of counter-programming. There are several artists who are crazy talented at drawing women, and I want to show off some of my favorites or ones who are particularly good at one aspect. I’ll be doing a few this week, and I think it’ll be weekly beyond that.

And if you like that other stuff… more power to you, man. Whatever floats your Flying Dutchman staffed with half-naked zombie girls, you know? You’re still gross, though, B. Sorry.

Cameron Stewart: Twitter, blog, Comic Art Community gallery, webcomic
Books: Apocalipstix, Batman and Robin 2: Batman vs. Robin
Why? Stewart’s style is one that appeals to me in part because he knows how to pay attention to the little details and has a good sense of comedy. I love the cover to Catwoman 20 because of the way that Holly’s lip is being pulled by the back of her hand. The real boots on cs-Robinchair.jpg are fantastic. The relaxed posture in cs-girlfridays7.jpg is great. The cliche says that every picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s clear that Stewart’s girls have a story behind them. You can intuit personality at a glance.

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5 comments to “Pretty Girls: Cameron Stewart”

  1. Looking at this webpage, it’s clear to me that Stewart’s art looks much better off a computer screen.

  2. Stewart says there’s a contingent of people saying his work is “too cartoony”, to which I say I would take goddamn Tex Avery over Philip Tan any day (which is only a half-joke, as I’m pretty sure Avery could draw a readable page of comics).
    Anyway, I think my favorite Girl drawing he’s done is this Wonder Woman because those tiny feet add a lot of character.

  3. Hm. Don’t you love it in comics when someone says “Talk” and then immediately proceeds to attack the people they asked to talk? And apparently with one fist after another. Those last two panels on the Batman and Robin page are a confusing exchange.

  4. Goddamnt, man. I love and envy pretty much everything about Stewart’s art. I’m probably the last person to notice the Philip Bond resemblance (“influence” might be pushing it, but Stewart’s spent plenty of time in England, so, who knows?). His line has gotten thicker since the first SeaGuy book, I think. I feel like his style has evolved to include more close-ups and eyes, as well, although that’s probably just what I’ve been reading. I haven’t had a chance to read Sin Titulo, past the first few pages.

    His women, though…*closes sketchbook*.

    Manhattan Guardian! HOOF “Press!”


  5. I think his line has gotten thicker since Seaguy as well. Seaguy is so fucking gorgeous.