“The illest Arsenal possible”

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From Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal 2, with words by JT Krul and art by Geraldo Borges:

grieving fathers

What do the judges say?

Swing and a miss, b.

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31 comments to ““The illest Arsenal possible””

  1. You know, normally I’m the last person to complain about revealing costumes, but that last panel really makes it look like Black Canary forgot to finish putting on the rest of her costume and is just wearing some fishnets and a leather jacket.

  2. How is it that Doctor Manhattan, a being defined by his increasing loss of touch with humanity, knows better when it comes to being presentable at a funeral?

  3. Yeah, I remember my grandmother’s funeral, when my cousins who are construction workers showed up in their reflector vests and hard-hats. And also my uncle who is a police officer wore his walkie-talkie and gun and everything. My aunt, a ballerina, sported the pinkest tutu I’ve ever seen.

    Guys, this is perfectly normal.

  4. I think if a giant naked yellow gorilla shows up at your daughter’s funeral, you should be allowed to kill and skin him and wear his pelt as a trophy.

    Other notable bits from this issue: robot arm application technology in the DC Universe is seriously “Just jam the sharp part into your stump,” Speedy is so weak that she can’t keep a one armed man from strangling her, and Roy Harper is having the exact opposite reaction that opiates actually give people.

  5. So was the use of a screen shot from “In Bruges”, a movie partly about dealing with the accidental killing of a child, meant to further highlight how terrible this story is?

  6. @lurkerwithout: The title of the post is from a song called “Sharp Shooters,” if that helps any

  7. On the upside, DC Comics remains my go-to place for overwrought graveyard scenes with a medium-to-high cheesecake content.

    And I’m spending less and less on superhero comics — someday I’ll save enough to buy my own island!

  8. “When Terry and my son Robbie died.”

    Nothing sets me up for a seriously dramatic scene like a bit of authentic, natural-sounding dialogue, but it’s the “hero” line seals the deal. If characters who by default think of themselves as HEROES and throw the term around like pebbles on a beach full of pebbles aren’t a fast track to authenticity and empathy, nothing is.

    Also, note the artist’s very subtle use of gestures, facial expressions and SUDDEN AND EXCESSIVE FACIAL SWEATING to convey emotion and get us right in there with the characters.

    I must be off now, to write a book about that last panel and what it says about the appeal of superhero comics in the year 2010. It will be a big, heavy, serious book with a hard cover with an illustration of the Red Tornado, crying at a funeral, by Alex Ross, to underline its seriousness.

  9. So what did he say to Homer Simpson?

  10. Yuck. Who on Earth would want to read something so unpleasant? Definitely reinforces why I only read Secret Six and Morrison’s Batman and Robin out of the DC stable.

    Though the upcoming Bruce Wayne mini looks fun too.

  11. Man, I relate to this hero and his plight. I hope overcomes the odds!

  12. It takes some serious hack-gravitas for DC to do Marvel’s Penance character arc, except worse.

  13. If the Travel Channel in the DC Universe had a show called, “Whoring Through Space with Kyle Rayner,” I bet the ratings would be through the roof.

  14. I love how Roy’s pointing at Donna with his middle finger which seems to be growing out of the knuckle of HIS MIDDLE FINGER.

  15. Actually, I think Black Canary is about to drop trou (see how she’s posed wrt her hands/tights)!!


  16. @Jay Potts: If DC made that as a miniseries, I would buy the hell out of it.

  17. @david brothers:

    Doesn’t she have aids? I know that it isn’t lethal yet, but that shit can’t keep you strong and whatnot.

    Personally, I hate the Teen Titans, but I find these comics a little disheartening and in poor taste. On average, I think they are actually doing worse in terms of writing quality then Jeph Loeb.

    Doesn’t make it hilarious though. Overall, I think I enjoy around 10-20% of the DC universe, tolerate/ambivalent towards 20-30%, and actively dislike or avoid due to complete disinterest 50-70% of the stuff they produce. I looked through a JLA recently, and I wasn’t even able to process the events that occurred. I didn’t care enough and it wasn’t written well enough for me to actually comprehend what had happened.

  18. Speedy is HIV-positive, which means with care and modern medicine, she won’t develop full-blown AIDS, with consequential severe/fatal illnesses, until it is prurient and gratuitous dramatically expedient for her to do so.

    And yes, I feel dirty typing that. Heck, I’m not the one buying this tosh.


  19. Yes, yes, Roy, work/life balance is hard, we know. Just ask Batman and his kids: you win some, you lose some!

  20. Hey, who wouldn’t want to go “whoring through space with Kyle Rayner”? Guy Gardner does it all the time!

  21. Is that from In Bruges?

  22. First Wave and The Spirit are the only DC books I am unreservedly excited about (although if you include Vertigo, then The Unwritten is in that number also).

    If anybody isn’t reading PS238, I strongly recommend that you do so. It’s about a public school where kids with powers go to learn how to use them as well as the usual academic stuff. Pretty much any issue of PS238 will wash the taste of stuff like the Justice League: Red Arrow Torture Porn straight out of your mouth. And it has a pottymouthed five year-old supergenius with a chip in his head that makes him sing show tunes when he tries to curse. What’s not to love about that?

  23. At some point can’t we just drop the pretense that stuff like this is anything other than the literary equivalent of a daytime soap opera, except aimed at emotionally stunted “adult” men rather than old women?

  24. @Prodigal: Zodon’s “Barry Ween” chip is a thing of pure genius as is Aaron Williams. Plus his pseudo-Batman is never a dick…

  25. Hey come on now, if they didn’t show up in costume no one would be able to tell all those white people apart.

  26. Such a charming place the DC Universe has become lately.

  27. Nope… still don’t care for Arsenal.

  28. I guess Roy didn’t have what it takes to live up to the mantle of Red Arrow.

  29. That was the most terrible thing I read all week. Thanks man, thanks.

    I think I should watch all his Teen Titans episodes to wipe this clean.

    Whoever thought this was smart, I’d like to have a serious in the bar talk with them. I’d then yell at them like Dame Dash did to Kevin Lyles back in that Rockafella concert tour movie.

  30. Not just unpleasant, but EVERY BOOK IN THE LINE is like this, or at least it seems so. Who thinks this is good and healthy for their market?

  31. If nothing else, this page has given us the phrase “Whoring through space with Kyle Rayner”. It wasn’t worth my losing another bunch of brain cells to store the rest of it, but it will have to do… :frown: