Red Robin Turnaround

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In Red Robin #12, Tim is a nice guy, surrounded by friends, who makes logical decisions, and narrates his actions using personal pronouns.  He’s considerate, grateful, and relaxed about relying on others.

The difference between this and the Tim we saw a year ago is so staggering that is almost produces vertigo.  What it does produce is an actual desire to read the book.  Hey look!  A hero who is dedicated, sincere and considers others!  And also flies around having adventures and fighting villains.  It is what I want to read in a comic book.  Who’da thunk?

I do wonder what it is that happened that makes everyone suddenly want to get into Tim Drake’s pants.  Did he have a birthday sometime during the run, because having a teaser for a storyline entirely devoted to getting the hero to impregnate Ras Al Ghul’s daughter doesn’t seem like something DC would do pre-eighteen.

I have to admit, I hope that they follow that storyline up, though.  And I hope they play it for laughs.

Oh, Ras, and you thought Bruce Wayne was a – well, yes, a tough nut to crack.  Just wait until you try enticing Tim Drake.  This is a guy whose last voluntary kiss was in a dank cave, surrounded by the corpses of clones of his murdered best friend.  You will have an easier time getting pandas to mate.

(Anyone know why Ras has given up on having a son himself?  He’s a good-looking, no-shirt-wearing millionaire.  It can’t be hard for him to find a woman.  And he has a lot of time.  If he spent as much time on dating sites as he did on trying to get Bruce to have sex with his daughter, he’d have an army of sons by now.)

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11 comments to “Red Robin Turnaround”

  1. Yay I’m not an internet liar.

    Gotta give Yost credit, he started off pretty darn bad but he aquitted himself. He took Tim out of the darkness he’s been in since Identity Crisis/War Games, got the character in a way few writers do, and showed him being cool.

    Too bad Yost is leaving comics for good

  2. I’ll be honest, the ending kind of turned me off. 12 issues after a brief promise we go back to Tim Drake being made of cardboard with no real discernible features as a character like he was for most of the 185 issues of his own series.

  3. @Nathan: wait, why is he leaving comics for good?

  4. A Christopher Yost story that ended… HAPPILY? That’s not TRUE… That’s IMPOSSIBLE!

  5. Um all that time Ra’s has spent in various Lazarus Pits sorta…um..”played havoc” with his private parts?

    Probe the thing we all have to fear is the regressing of Tim Drake away from his intelligence…think about it. What made the post event Drake such a downer was he was “bulked up” and dumbed down for lack of better words. This character endeared himself to us by using brains AND skill not strength.

    I just glad that Yost’s last 8 issues of Red Robin redeemed the character again. That by play with Ra’s was great!

    Thx Mr. Yost.

  6. Maybe Ras fears entering into a Henry VIII situation and being up to his neck in daughters instead.

    Though didn’t he already get a male heir in the form of Damian or something? Or did he give up on converting him fully to the side of evil? Or does he even know about that?

  7. He knows. He tried to use Damian as a host for his spirit so he could be resurrected. In fact the body he’s in right now belongs to his Albino son.

  8. Daryll beat me to it — The Lazarus Pit doesn’t revive everything

  9. @Probe: Not being wangsty = a bad thing?

    That’s like saying original FMA anime was good.

    @Pat!: Well “for good” might have been a bit strong, but he’s leaving comic book writing altogether right now to focus on television.

  10. Anyone know why Ras has given up on having a son himself?

    Well, I thought that the whole point was that Talia was his perfect heir, aside from being a woman, and he wanted her male offspring in particular? But as this probably isn’t Talia (that would be too werid), I clearly know nothing.

  11. convo between me and a friend on this very topic:

    L: “Does Ras have a younger daughter I don’t know about? I hope its not Talia, Damien would have a field day if he found out his step brother was doing his mom! LOL.”

    Q:”It’s a “mystery” lol more like a bad day”

    L: “Its his ugly daughter he can’t get anyone to bang so he’s trying to pawn him off on Tim. Once again DC gives Tim the shaft. Notice how Ras doesn’t want Dick anywhere near his daughters! He knows even the Lazarus pits can’t cure all the diseases Dick’s got.”