New Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day One

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Welcome back for another round of edits. For those who don’t remember what happened in the first issue because they were distracted by Ultimate Red Skull suddenly crying about his daddy issues in Millar’s Ultimates comic, the Defenders have returned from obscurity with special powers and enhancements. It’s like that episode of Gargoyles with the Pack, but without that kickass Australian Dingo guy around. Dingo ruled. They stole Mjolnir from Valkyrie, Loki and an army of monsters invaded and Tony Stark introduced Carol Danvers to at least three STDs.

And now, we move forward.

Thanks to ManiacClown for warning me that having the pointing Captain America say, “Only you can prevent forest terrorism!” is a little too much of a stretch. We’ll be back tomorrow with more from Cap and Valkyrie.

But my point remains: Dingo ruled.

Day Two!
Day Three!
Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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6 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day One”

  1. Ah, that’s the first time I’ve seen the three construction workers and their sandwiches joke as localized for America. Where I come from, it’s an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman.
    Also, am I right in thinking that Captain America’s about to get punched?

  2. Your question pleases me because it indicates you’ve not read the source drivel.

  3. jokes should have those ”ironic” quotes around them, too.

  4. While I’m all well and good with a ‘classic’ “pull my finger” gag, I can’t help but be interested in where you would have gone with “Only you can prevent forest terrorism!”. Or maybe some other variation on the idea.

    Kind of makes me wish you’d gone for it regardless.

  5. @mycomputerdoesntwork: Very well, consider it changed.

  6. Between Thor’s hilariously OOC WW2 propaganda poster and the Steinbeck joke on the cover, my morning has been made.