Tim O’Neil Needs An Eisner

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I’m calling it: Tim O’Neil wrote the review of the year with his review of the whole Rise and Fall and Rise of Green Arrow and Red Arrow Merry Christmas crapfest. A quote:

regardless of your best intentions we all get kind of rudderless and wish we could depend on some rock-jawed daddy figure like Hal Jordan to tell us what to do but really Hal Jordan is and has always been a douchebag and his rebelliousness never struck me as particularly principled so much as just erratic and kind of willful

There’s so much more love to be found over there, so click through and read the whole thing. It’s all true.

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2 comments to “Tim O’Neil Needs An Eisner”

  1. Great article. Also really enjoyed his digressions into the cosmic books of both companies

    also damn do I feel slow for never considering the Siege twist even after reading the issue

  2. That has probably been the longest wall-o-text I have ever willingly read and come out the other end glad I did.

    It would have been the best of the year even if it was just the final line by itself.