Prelude to Latest Night: Rage of the Red-Haired Host

January 12th, 2010 by |

Which is my way of saying:

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8 comments to “Prelude to Latest Night: Rage of the Red-Haired Host”

  1. Hear, hear!

  2. I love you Gavin

  3. On second thought, comparing Jay Leno to greed-powered Lex Luthor might not be totally correct.

    You see, Jay Leno took up the mantle of a beloved old man and ran with it. During this time, he had a bright, red-haired man in his shadow, growing and changing in his identity. Jay Leno then went and vanished away in a memorable and honorable fashion, allowing that younger red-haired man to step in his shoes and run with the mantle. Even though this younger guy is better in pretty much every way, Leno returns to take back and even share his mantle. This despite the fact that he’s boring and nobody gives a fuck about him except for old people who don’t know any better!

    Ergo, Jay Leno is Barry Allen.

  4. @Gavok: That is an even more amazing comparison.

  5. as much as I kind of like Rebirth, that comment just killed me XD

    it’s weird though, when he does guest star appearances or does general interviews and stuff he comes off as a positively charming and funny.

  6. My mind was just blown.

    Jay Leno = Barry Allen.

  7. I wish I enjoyed schadenfreude more, because then watching NBC shoot itself repeatedly in both feet over and over and over again would be so much more entertaining. As it is, I’m just amazed at how stupid and shortsighted NBC execs are; Conan’s not just a better host, he’s a modern host with a proven track record for building an audience, and he’s the guy who would make The Tonight Show into a legacy that would last for the next few decades.

    Leno’s a charming, affable, thoroughly unambitious man who just wants to occupy the desk and go through the same old routine until he or his audience finally dies of old age. He doesn’t want to do anything with The Tonight Show, he just wants to have it. He’s a dead end, and even if he could bring back “his” audience (if that even exists anymore, seeing as they didn’t bother to follow him to primetime), what the fuck is NBC going to do ten years from now when “The Scooter Store,” funeral insurance carriers, and drug companies are going to be the only people who’ll want to advertise on The Tonight show?

  8. I’m going to steal that Jay Leno=Barry Allen my next trip to the comic store. Brilliant