The Week That Wasn’t

December 30th, 2009 by |

One comic coming out for DC?  ONE?  And it’s Blackest Night?  And Marvel’s just handing out calendars?

I know this week is generally ignored (see the quality of this post) but I don’t recall this happening before.  I guess everyone really got screwed timing-wise.

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7 comments to “The Week That Wasn’t”

  1. This week doesn’t normally get ignored. The two federal holidays back to back make it impossible for comics to reach stores before this friday, so Diamond skipped this week. There are still new comics at store’s though. Any comic you haven’t read so far is a new one. I suggest stopping by your local and picking up a trade or trying out a book you normally wouldn’t.

  2. This is just business as usual here in Holland, we never get new comics in the week between Christmas and New Years, due to the various companies that handle the different aspects of the shipping being shut down (and this year we didn’t get last week’s comics either, due to bad weather conditions). I’ll admit that, because of this, I was rather amused when Diamond originally announced that there wouldn’t be any comics this week.

    It was pretty cool of DC to ship Blackest Night 6 early so it could be sold this week, so you guys had at least one comic to look forward to (we, of course, didn’t get that either).

  3. My shop used the week to have a sale on comics – 50% off on back issues and 25% off TPBs. I used the opportunity to purchase half a dozen back issues of various Marvel Adventures titles.

  4. Yeah the stores got BN#6 last week as long as they agreed not to sell it until this week. On the plus side my FLCS is doing 50% off on hard-bound trades and “all racked back-issues for $1” today to make up for it…

  5. FLCS?

    At least Blackest Night was pretty good. At the very least, it gives a sketch collector like me ideas on what to ask for in the coming year. I might just bring references of the latest Indigo Tribe and Star Sapphire pick-ups with me to Chicago in April.

  6. @Pedro Tejeda: Daaamn! Look who’s bein’ a dick about terms! I kid though, nothing wrong with redirecting your usual purchase money toward a trade or two. Nothin’ wrong with skipping a week either.

  7. @Jason: Favorite Local Comics Shop