One Piece: Strong World Sketches

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gottsuiiyan at The Eastern Edge bought the new issue of Switch Magazine, and it’s got a feature on the new One Piece movie, Strong World. One Piece is basically the best adventure comic, so I’m looking forward to Strong World. Especially if it has stuff like this:


That mooseasaurus rex in the link looks great, too. Good to see that Oda’s Nami is still 2/3 legs, too.

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3 comments to “One Piece: Strong World Sketches”

  1. reached Impel Down yet?

    also to coincide with the movie there’s this neat prequel one-shot that explains a lot of unanswered questions and shows how characters looked when they were younger (did you know Moria once had a chin?)

  2. The one-shot comic prequel features a dude cutting both his feet off to escape a Game-of-Death-like multi-level jail. He then replaces them, meaning his legs, with swords. So he can finish fighting his way out of jail.

    This is also a man who has half of a ship’s steering wheel embedded in his skull from a fight with the Pirate King.

    One Piece is super great.

  3. The volume zero prologue was awesome despite the fact that a majority of the Straw hats hadn’t been born yet. And Oda himself has had a bigger hand in contributing to and working on Strong World then any other movie so I’ll be surprised if this one isn’t the best yet.

    And Moria looks so badass in his pre-op punk rock days.