Food for thought, you do the dishes.

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Real life buddy Sonia Harris wrote a piece on ten implausible things in comics that I really dug. A sample:

Why can’t you see her food, when she’s just eaten, before it’s digested?
This has always confounded me. As far as I remember, in the Invisible Man, you could see his food, until it was absorbed by his body. That seems logical to me. However, no one talks about Susan Storm’s food, or being able to see it.

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4 comments to “Food for thought, you do the dishes.”

  1. I guess they just ignore it, I mean they are eating.

  2. No-prize, here I come!

    Susan’s power is not to make herself invisible, but rather to make fields that render everything inside of them invisible. When she goes invisible, what she’s really doing is covering herself in an invisible field that renders everything in it (in this case her, her clothes, her food, etc.) invisible. She doesn’t really need the unstable molecules.

    This is basically the same power she uses to move around stuff, being able to manipulate the density of said fields would allow for such varied outputs. Those fields are invisible too, after all.

    I’m not sure if this is the canon explanation, but it’s the one that I think would best work to avoid glitches like the food in her stomach.

  3. What he said, I’m pretty sure she can make other people invisible in her forcefields, so the same principle?

    Also because she was invented in the early 60’s and Stan don’t care about details. Details are for lousy crumbbums.

  4. She keeps the digested food invisible the same way she hides her smoking habit!

    (and standing next to Johnny hides the smell!)