Jog on Batwoman

June 25th, 2009 by | Tags: , , , , , ,

As usual, Jog did it better than I was going to:

Almost every ‘superhero’ page in this comic is like that, often crashing across double spreads for maximum exhibitionism. It’s not enough for Batwoman to take on a gang of villains; inset panels must transform into red-tinted lightning bolts raining from the sky. Perversely, it’s not a quick read at all, since these vainglorious layout do everything to grab your attention as soon as you turn the page and force you to linger on their contours, even as, say, a panel of Batwoman getting into costume is shaped as an arrow, guiding you to the next image in a way that draws screaming attention to the obvious act of reading in sequence.

I may have some thoughts later, but I enjoyed Batwoman’s first issue.

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7 comments to “Jog on Batwoman”

  1. I read that headline differently, “Jog on” means “fuck off” in English slang, I thought you meant it was crap.


    I haven’t read the ish yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

  2. @Valhallahan: Which puts certain scenes of “The Winter’s Tale” in an entirely different context…

  3. @Valhallahan: Ha! That’s fascinating.

  4. Referring to this image, perhaps?


  5. Finally read it, Great stuff I thought.

    Another point on slang, she goes to the “Morning Glory” cafe in this ish, does that mean the same as it does in England?

  6. @Valhallahan: I don’t think so, I haven’t heard any double entedres involving Morning Glory. What’s it mean over there?

  7. Umm… it’s… well, you know sometimes when you wake up and one part of you is more awake than the rest of you.

    Basically, a morning erection.