Brown skin ladies, how you doin’?

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Newsarama has DC’s advance solicits for September up, and there’s a couple of interesting bits.

Written by Angela Robinson; co-feature written by John Rozum
Art by Roger Robinson & Hilary Barta;co-feature art by Tom Derenick & Bill Sienkiewicz
Cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
Variant sketch cover by JG Jones
Spinning out of August’s “Red Circle” event from superstar writer J. Michael Straczynski comes the new ongoing adventures of the selfish rich-boy hero the Web, and the mysterious-undying Hangman. Writer/director Angela Robinson (D.E.B.S.) and artist Roger Robinson (BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS) spin the tales of The Web, a man who has only recently come to understand the burden of true heroism. He’s fighting crime on his own terms, and for his first mission he’s hunting down the men responsible for killing his brother!

Written by Felicia D. Henderson; co-feature written by Sean McKeever
Art by Joe Bennett & Jack Jadson; co-feature art by Yildiray Cinar & Júlio Ferreira
Cover by Joe Bennett & Jack Jadson
Variant cover by Andy Clarke
Come celebrate our gala 75th issue with an all-star cast of Titans past and present! Joining this issue for the extravaganza is new ongoing writer Felicia D. Henderson, a co-executive producer on TV’s hit show Fringe! Don’t miss this start to a fresh new take on DC’s premier teen team!

No, the interesting bit is not the annoyingly vague sell copy. “Our hero has a mission! Our team has a fresh new take, which is unlike the other new takes we’ve had over the past four years! Fringe! Comics!”

Felicia D Henderson and Angela Robinson are both black women. Felicia Henderson, in particular, gets a whole gang of goodwill from me just because she wrote for Fresh Prince, Family Matters, and, to a lesser extent, Moesha.

My question is– is this the first time Marvel or DC have employed two black female writers? Is it the first time they’ve employed one? Comics historians, do your duty.

(The rest of the solicits are snoozles.)

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10 comments to “Brown skin ladies, how you doin’?”

  1. Shit, Angela’s gay, so that’s like a triple ethnicity score on DC’s front.

    I have no interest in the Red Circle stuff, but Angela did D.E.B.S which was fun and clever. I would love a good teen titan book but that’s never going to happen at DC.

  2. You had me at Fresh Prince.

  3. If you count Wildstorm, Afua Richardson did artwork for the “Genius” one-shot for the past year’s Wildstorm Pilot Season…

  4. Urk, never mind — completely blanked the word “writers” in your question. 🙁

  5. […] what do these two comics have in common? David Brothers points out that both of them are written by Black […]

  6. Ok. Now I automatically have to give both books a look.
    I don’t think this has ever happen before from either of the Big Two.

  7. @Scott: Yeah, Afua is pretty great. I can’t wait for Genius to drop. 🙂

    @keith: I’m pretty sure it hasn’t, you know? I’m wondering who I can email to find out.

  8. Ah, Genius was (is? Is it actually going to be a series?) from Top Cow, not Wildstorm.

  9. It’s going to be a series, yeah. A few sketches and an interview or two came out a couple months back, though I’ve since lost the links.

  10. […] of the Red Circle, David Brothers and JK have already noted that these solicits feature two books (one Red Circle, one not) written […]