Oh, Timmy. How you have grown.

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I’m putting this entry, shallow as it is, under a cut in case any of you don’t want to be even mildly spoiled for Battle For The Cowl.

Speculating on superhero heights is about as pointless as speculating on their ages, or weights, or the tensile strength of their stockings.  (Though I’m betting Batman’s hosiery could hold up a bridge.)  Still, there are regular patterns, and based on these patterns, I think that Tim Drake’s days as Robin are numbered.

He just got the post-sidekick height bump.

As we all know, kid sidekicks don’t get to be as tall as their adult mentors.  At best they are chin-high.  More often they’re nipple-to-shoulder-high.  Tim got the worst of it, and for a while during OYL he was belt-high, making him seventeen years old and about four feet tall.

In Battle For The Cowl, he put on the Batsuit and the fact that he wasn’t immediately christened Batmunchkin by everyone who saw him lets me know that he’s about eye-high to an adult superhero now.  This, along with broadening shoulders and ridiculous musculature, means he is in a full post-sidekick-becoming-a-hero-in-his-own-right body.

So.  What now? Batman needs a Robin and Nightwing needs a Flamebird?  Should be interesting.

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9 comments to “Oh, Timmy. How you have grown.”

  1. I’ll give you his day as Robin are over but Flamebird, I don’t know bout that, espically with Rucka writing them in Action Comics. I’d say Red Robin but the thing about Red Robin is that it seems like such a forced character in the DCU proper. It was fine in Kingdom Come but honestly it doesn’t work. And what about Jason Todd and Cassandra Caine. I hate when good characters get kicked to the curb. It’s Jean Paul Valley all over again.

  2. I gotta ask how you get a different header as I navigate. It’s a great concept! Sorry for the off topic post.

  3. Didn’t we see a small figure wearing a baggy Batsuit in the “Origins & Omens” Nightwing page?

  4. My guesses based on the preview/picture for the new ‘Batman & Robin’ title:

    – Tim will be one Batman and Damien will be Robin (which will SUCK)
    – Dick will be a rival Batman with Batwoman on his side
    – Jason will be Red Robin

    I say this because the pic of Red Robin that was in that DCU Nation (or whatever) showed RR as being significantly bulkier than Tim, so it’s gotta be either Dick or Jason. Meanwhile, the aforementioned preview of B&R shows that Batman as relatively slim.
    However, in the preview for the next Det. Comics, we see Batwoman interacting with some Batman. Since Dick is pretty much the only Bat character we’ve seen her interact with, my guess is that she sides with Dick during the ‘Bat War’.

    All I can say is that with both a Batman and B&R title, it looks like the age of multiple Batmen is upon us. I was hoping it would just be Dick, but unfortunately DC sucks big time lately.

  5. http://comics.ign.com/objects/143/14327279.html

    and here’s that IGN B&R preview I referenced.

  6. @Tekkamansol: Except Jean Paul Valley is coming back in Azreal: Death’s Dark Knight in the Battle For The Cowl series. I think. Could be a new Azrael.

    @channel marketing: That’s a question for David, actually. You can email him about it, but I don’t know.

    @Salieri: I assumed that was Damian – who seems to be the new belt-high guy.

    @duckface: Man. I HATE the idea of Tim as Batman. I hope it doesn’t come to that. That looks awfully tall, even for New Tim. I’m thinking Dick. Maybe. Hopefully.

    I also hope that Damian isn’t the new Robin for any length of time, because MAN that kid’s annoying.

  7. Yeah it is a bit tall, but he’s wearing a very old-school suit, much like Tim in BFTC and the teaser image.
    I do hope it’s Dick, but (a) why would he need two titles plus Detective?, and (b) how crappy would it be to give Tim the main Batman title and throw Dick in the new one?

    But I wonder, could this B&R Batman be Hush instead (the teaser shows him with Damien…)? If so, what does that mean for Tim?

  8. Eh. Depending on who’s drawing, Timmy’s been anywhere between 4’2″ and 6’1″. I think that’s his superpower, the ability to change size just a little. 🙂

  9. You really think Jean Paul is coming back, I think the new Azrael is going to be the last Batman that was in the copter with Doctor Hurt at the end of RIP