Reason #164 Why Tiny Titans Is Awesome

January 25th, 2009 by | Tags: ,


Puns.  Who can argue with puns?

You say you can?

Then I say good day to you.

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8 comments to “Reason #164 Why Tiny Titans Is Awesome”

  1. Years earlier, Batman got expelled for shooting Darkseid with the ultimate spitball. Well, they said he was expelled, but after a while it turned out he was just suspended. Nobody is ever truly expelled in comics.

  2. So are you going to put up the awesome part?


    Oh. Is this like Sugar & Spike where Cute Kids + Bad Jokes = Everyone Else Thinking its the Best Thing Ever?

  3. I think you are not of the mindset for this book, Lurker.

    (I still liked the line “I liked Darkseid better when he was the lunch lady.”)

  4. As a life long lover of absolutely horrible puns, I thank you for posting that.

  5. I just love that the pun was suggested by the host of Word Balloon while interviewing Art Baltazar.


  6. mini marvels is better yo

  7. Awww yeah, Titans!

  8. haha funny