Detective Comics 840

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‘Tec 840 is the follow-up to the Resurrection of R’as al Ghul. A friend of mine said it had two good things: the penciller and inker. I’d expand that to three and get the colorist some respect, too.

But, that story was terrible.

First– The Globe. Dumb villain, dumb gimmick, dumber puns.

Second– R’as. You resurrect him just to throw him in Arkham under an assumed name and take him off the board? What was the point of that seven part crossover, then?

840 felt like a clipshow of bad scenes. Here’s Batman fighting a fat guy with a gimmick, here’s the new R’as, here’s a semi-clever scene, here’s Batman throwing a fat guy at ninjas, here’s Batman drugging R’as and sticking him in Arkham forever.


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5 comments to “Detective Comics 840”

  1. There’s no way Grant is gonna keep Ra’s in Arkham. At least, I should hope there’s more to the Resurrection story than just putting him back where other writers can use him. That’d be lamer than someone who’s disabled and also uninteresting.

    Also I like the Globe. Or, well really I like the thinking behind the Globe. It’s a dash of Adam West/Silver Age zaniness without going “Hey guys, this is Adam West/Silver Age zaniness! Check me out!” I bet the guy’s got a backstory about how kids made fun of him for being fat, and his only friends were maps. And his parents died because they read a map wrong. And he got a girl to like him ’cause he was so helpful with directions, but then a bully stole his maps and he got lost and she blamed him for not being there for her.

  2. I don’t think you’re wrong, but I like the fact that some effort was made to not simply restore the status quo at the end of this storyline. I just didn’t really like the way this cross-over was paced at all. Personally, I think that the resurrection part should have been one issue (maybe two), with the balance focusing on Batman’s efforts to stop him. The idea that Batman would take more extreme measures when dealing with R’as is interesting, but I thought it needed to be developed more (especially when considering the fact that he is supposed to be this huge threat).

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  4. Consider me a member of the official, ‘The Globe’ fanclub. I live for bad puns and gimmick villains.

  5. This really reminds me of stuff by Gary Johnson from Moondance circa 1980’s, he was a good friend of my brothers, I wish that I had all the comics he gave me when I was a kid. Another on the list of regrets.