I Dress Myself!

January 31st, 2009 by | Tags: ,

Somewhere out there, the Hawks are eating their hearts out. 

Although nothing can really supplant my desire for the Batsuit, and although something weird is happening with Wonder Woman’s left leg, this is fantastic.  I want all of these.  Yes, even the peach one.

So.  If you could have any costume, which would you pick, and why?

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14 comments to “I Dress Myself!”

  1. So. If you could have any costume, which would you pick, and why?

    I’m currently in the middle of writing the next Venom article so… yeah. I want me a symbiote. Especially the Anti-Venom symbiote. That one’s boss and it cures junkies.

  2. If you could have any costume, which would you pick, and why?

    With accessories: The Batsuit. Because then I would be prepared to take on both muggers and godlike Kryptonians.

    Without accessories: I have to admit a weakness for the original Crimson Avenger’s whole “Suit and mask” deal with a big swirly cape.

  3. I was always kind of partial to the Scarlet Spider’s outfit, plus he had the web-shooters with impact webbing and stingers, so that’s a bonus.

    Second option, the Batman Beyond costume, with the glider wings and all the built-in spy equipment and cool batarangs and such. I’d also accept Darkahwk’s costume, and it has the added bonus of being easy to remove (just tap the amulet or whatever).

  4. Assuming I had the physique to go with it, Wally West’s version of the Flash suit about as sleek & stylish as spandex gets. It even looks good in afterimage form.

    Meanwhile, the original Sandman’s trenchcoat, fedora, & gas mask combo is my favorite of the old school. Very “my secret identity will kick your ass too.”

  5. Does Green Lantern’s suit come with the ring? If not, than I’d go with The Shadow’s costume.

  6. The Shadow would be my choice as well. Slouch hat, a crimson scarf, a swirling cloak you can use to draw gunfire away from your body… not to mention those dual pistols.

    I’ve noticed that putting Wonder Woman in a different outfit and giving her a weapon to use is something creators do quite a bit. I suspect no one quite believes that Wonder Woman’s patriotic one piece really fits with the seasoned warrior she’s characterized as. Gail Simone has already gotten her out of costume and using weapons twice already, against those evil Amazons and in the story where she met Klaw and Beowulf.

    As for that armor – they’re not bad. The giant metal wings are a bit silly, but otherwise, pretty sweet.

  7. Fedora, trenchcoat, and a Pseudoderm facemask: oh yeah, baby, the Question’s outfit all the way. Plus, I could wear two-thirds of it around in cold weather anyhow.

  8. I’m with Gav, even though it’s cheating. Symbiote all the way, because it’s like having every costume ever.

    I would make it give me a ski-mask and blue jeans.

  9. Does the Iron Man suit count? Being able to fly would be pretty freaking sweet.

    If I didn’t get the powers along with the costume, despite being a girl, I’d have to go with Hal Jordan’s new costume. I like details in the seaming, and I like how I look in that colour. Failing that, Tabitha’s costume in Nextwave is pretty wicked too.

  10. I really wish this was Wonder Woman’s costume all the time. The bathing suit has to go.

  11. The Iron Man and current Blue Beetle suit abilities are awesome, but if powers are a no go, the Vic Sage Question togs are awesome. Blue suit and trench, blue fedora, no face…

    Oh yeah.

  12. Man, Cassie should use that costume (maybe not in peach) instead of that hideous thing she just started wearing.

  13. John Constantine.

    Basically I want to look like John Constantine.

  14. I want the Kryptonian Nightwing’s costume.