There’s Just No Reason For This…

October 11th, 2008 by | Tags: ,

Anyway, during my breaks of playing Mega Man 9 while cursing in extreme fury every ten seconds, I’ve been working on my write-up of the 52 Graphic Audio. Just wondering, are there any requests for samples? Keep in mind that unfortunately, due to constraints, the only stories covered are Booster’s, Montoya’s and Black Adam’s.

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5 comments to “There’s Just No Reason For This…”

  1. That is infinitely better than the trillions of AMVs that exist for that song.

  2. I’d love to hear Black Adam walking in on Renee and the peasant girl after the wedding.

  3. @burt: I couldn’t think of anything worse than an AMV.

  4. If there’s a clip of Charlie checking to see if the Magic of Shazam is contagious, that’d be peachy keen!

    On the off chance they kept Firestorm’s substitute league with Ambush Bug, I wouldn’t mind hearing his lines.

    And anything super classy that Skeets and Booster say to each other would be nice.

  5. Even though you just said it didn’t exist, hearing Luthor turn off all of his created superheroes and them all falling from the sky would be cool.