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What is the joke in these four pages?

tinytitans1p03.jpg tinytitans1p04.jpg

a) Deathstroke and Trigon are the parents of the two girls, so they are mortified to find that their fathers are going to be teaching in the school. Also, Trigon is a monster.
b) Deathstroke and Trigon are old-time enemies of the Teen Titans, have killed multiple members of the team over the course of 30 years of continuity, and are a nod to those times.

If your answer was B, you aren’t qualified to review Tiny Titans, one of the most adorable comics I’ve ever read and one you can give to just about any kid. It’s like the Muppet Babies– any continuity nods are secondary to the visual humor.

I mean, if you feel like Tiny Titans requires obscure continuity knowledge, you must shake your first in rage every time the Chiquita Banana lady shows up on Bugs Bunny, screaming out “Why don’t they explain who she isssssssss,” right?

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6 comments to “Pop Quiz, Hotshot”

  1. Well even without the father jokes, it is funny that their enemies all work for the school.

    Just like real life.

    But yes, A is the joke, and it is cute and funny. 🙂

  2. 🙂 this smiley is terrible whats with the eyebrows

  3. Isn’t that cute? …BUT IT’S WRONG!

    And by wrong I mean that Raven and Rose have switched places for no reason. But other than that, awwww!

  4. The book LOOKS cute. But I think my, average at best, knowledge of Teen Titans continuity makes it impossible for me to get into this. I mean I look at that scene and I get the second reaction. Also that Deathstroke slept with Terra. Wich is WAY too damn creepy for a teacher of a kids school…

    Happily I can stick with ps238 for awesome super-hero kids at school. And if I want something cuter go with G-Man and Mini-Marvels

  5. My problem with Tiny Titans is only partially that the humour is predicated upon a basic knowledge of Titans continuity. There’s also the fact that it’s just not that funny, and that it patronizes young readers (I mean, come on, when I was eight I was reading actual superhero comics, not Johnny DC “this is for you kids, and when you grow up you can read about Dr. Light raping Sue Dibney” comics).

    Cute art, sure.

  6. I see you circled the funny parts of the comic.