4l is for… dark silhouettes.

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No, seriously. This can’t just be me.

I love outlines. I think that they’re an awesome storytelling trick. I am not a huge Superman fan, but one way to get me interested in a scene featuring him is to put him in all black with only his glowing red eyes or chest emblem visible. The chest emblem makes no sense on a lighting level, yes. I know. I was going to go to art school before I realized that I was good at words, not pictures.

But, isn’t it cool?

This spread is from Ed McGuinness, JLA Classified #2, I believe. The JLA are out in our world, the real world, and have been trying to maintain the status quo. They get info from the new Squire that things have gone bad on DC-Earth. What does the JLA do?

They use a boom tube to get back to their universe.

I love it.

I don’t know why Aquaman is back there, though. You can tell that Ed McG had an awesome scene in mind until he realized, “Oh, wait… Aquaman has to be in here, too! :argh:”

I am still crazy-go-nuts swamped with work. I’ll deliver you guys some content by the weekend, I promise. Tomorrow, all things being equal, we’ll have a guest article, or perhaps a guest reprint up from my old buddy Mark Poa. Stay tuned, true believers!

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5 comments to “4l is for… dark silhouettes.”

  1. I didn’t even realize that Aquaman was there until you pointed it out. His belt buckle seemed pasted on.

  2. Aquaman is there because Morrison needed seven members of the Justice League. That’s why Nebuloh was going after them. As long as they were a team of seven, they had a role in the Sheeda prophecy. Since they were split up by the time of Seven Soldiers, he no longer cared about them.

  3. Hmmm… interesting point there. I didn’t relate the Seven Soldiers story to this Classified arc. I need to reread this.

  4. V: Yeah, but I totally would’ve picked someone else to be the seventh. Plastic Man, for example, is superior to Aquaman in every way, as is Green Arrow.

    I mean… Aquaman. Bleh!

    Mark: JLA Classified 1-3 is a prequel to the Seven Soldiers saga and is as-yet unreprinted. It’s looking like it won’t be reprinted at all, frankly. DC sucks at trades.

  5. My favorite is the one at the end of Rock of Ages introducing the JLA One Million.