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Sasheer Zamata tells good jokes.

February 3rd, 2014 Posted by david brothers

Saturday Night Live recently added Sasheer Zamata to their roster, apparently the first black lady to join the cast in about six years. I’ve been throwing her videos into a youtube playlist and ended up binging on Saturday while I worked. As it turns out, she’s funny as heck. I thought this one was glorious, all the way down to “Man, FUCK Storm!”:

I thought this story of her being flashed, which she’s used in stand-up before, was stellar:

Her mannerisms and style as the dude comedian are so on point it’s not even funny.

The killer bit, though, was this one, about a morning after a one night stand:

Zamata is super funny and a strong writer. I’m not super into SNL—that’s Gavin’s job—but it’s awesome that someone as funny as her gets a huge platform like that.

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