Sasheer Zamata tells good jokes.

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Saturday Night Live recently added Sasheer Zamata to their roster, apparently the first black lady to join the cast in about six years. I’ve been throwing her videos into a youtube playlist and ended up binging on Saturday while I worked. As it turns out, she’s funny as heck. I thought this one was glorious, all the way down to “Man, FUCK Storm!”:

I thought this story of her being flashed, which she’s used in stand-up before, was stellar:

Her mannerisms and style as the dude comedian are so on point it’s not even funny.

The killer bit, though, was this one, about a morning after a one night stand:

Zamata is super funny and a strong writer. I’m not super into SNL—that’s Gavin’s job—but it’s awesome that someone as funny as her gets a huge platform like that.

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