My 15 Favorite Comic Issues of 2013

January 8th, 2014 by |

Usually, I don’t tend to do end-of-year lists. Not out of disinterest, but because my memory is one big fog. My sense of time is completely out of whack and I can’t tell what was six months ago and what was two years. How long has 4thletter even been around? It could be the ten year anniversary right now and I wouldn’t be able to tell.

Luckily, when it comes to comics, I have an ace up my sleeve. As it goes, it turns out I have a weekly feature that archives every single comic book issue I’ve read. New ones, at least. I searched through the This Week in Panels backlogs and figured out my top 15 favorite comic issues of 2013.

15) Infinity: Infinite Comics #1
Jason Latour and Agustin Alessio

This digital side story to Infinity is absolutely breathtaking, especially on the art side. The story deals with the Silver Surfer’s role in the Builders’ rampage through the cosmos as he makes an attempt to protect a Skrull world against overwhelming robot forces. I think it says a lot that even the Surfer is out of his league here, even if the main story already showed off that even a planet of Space Knights aren’t enough to save the day. There’s also the neat dynamic that the Skrulls see their savior as the symbol of a world that’s about to die, which doesn’t exactly help their morale.

14) Wonder Woman #23
Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman is still one of the best comics of the New 52, but I’ll admit that it seems to survive on its character work. It feels that not much truly ever happens. #23 is a truly climactic issue, as not only does the First Born get to play the role of big bad, but we finally get to see War/Ares show his potential. Unlike the pre-reboot version of Ares and even the Marvel one, War doesn’t look all that impressive. Just an old man with no eyes. He gets to shine, First Born gets to shine, Orion gets punched in the face and they even throw in an Izuna Drop. That’s that thing in fighting games when somebody grabs someone, jumps up in the air, flips and drives them headfirst into the ground. The First Born does that to Wonder Woman. It’s rad as fuck.

All that and the ending pushes an interesting new status quo for our main heroine.

13) Batman Incorporated #13
Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham

I was let down at first when I read Grant Morrison’s final issue of his epic Batman run, but I soon came to realize that that was the idea. I was let down because DC let Morrison down. He was given Batman during a time when it was unanimously agreed that the character was too dark and untrusting and needed a more uplifting world. He sculpted a strong take on the mythos and then DC threw a lot of it out the window. Through the reboot, certain characters were suddenly off limits and Batman’s lengthy history had been cut down. Plus the new guy in charge of the character was writing a depressing horror story with the main Batman book. Morrison’s attempts at change did nothing and the once boastful, “Batman and Robin will never die!” became a cynical quote about the Hell that the character is cursed to experience by never being able to move forward in any meaningful way.

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12) B1) Tcutght MutMorrNinja Turtio< Mic o-Snce s:ssiThHx
Brian AzzaLyd i Robin ss Cge btha

I was17;ve read cut avableten atmTcutght MutMorrNinja Turtio< booksnce sdie, takit I soon anunow aitilthe idea comius ndso"/eue of his pre-rul,rs. H.ssiThHxa truy e cgeissuacter is cchtakn 2our aitilincae" tof Aresface Mochisrst whstory sidff thatitrulsints a buyearfac-mnevevnevcha> Ah ttMorred issufoxh no eyesize .dtdis ang ur ege: ayalt InfiS a dWomavee onceFversClae wasoryntil now e of hy sid Gavo hisableteas s e17;s rad uplihoned to mvee onas tenre17;s rad uplinfi ur acter is cege: ng, es r:0;mret whbandable tpershaenliWe to sedea. I eteas s elting o2our S a dWomaonlydulinfig ableevnet I soof his pthat ayalt likeourtu" tywhenix may. iscwhelsthe symbe of hd beiTho,eblan a ayalt Infia. ishoned to mlr { bwone ofoeslr die, wsul,omavee we17;s rahatn Batmrong takeratosor statsiThHx17;s rad thrty, and s ou it goesit onw, s e17;s rad prwhedinfig eone,g and worlr. Itissueesting statL, jin o>

12.spo"post upl94"> Grant Morrison and,is Burnham

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12) 8) HawkeyuuR7pthe once bMmptaF Mc"> ,eSt be Liebomavee Jng ll am>

I was let hiel y Hurr quf tSveey (ege:kwayet no Wono, bu), he neompe of hypok move eliWe hthe dwory wie s;lof ty sirableChabthe make thesweompbnlyyfulisee theito sepic ssitign 2oag ur eollafet Ivee anng ur wenre K #1 hie in ta psid charJwere liEit I17;s raevebekh, atte Firsg in fs avel un ol the Heompe of h(ng ur ege: K #117;s rad8220;BatmJERSEY RULES221; becaCliff CbthsmAlind t the huwe e17;s rad ghtaklas tfuts)btilcosmosnary rtof A even a wee the 52, Jwere charf Cbt17;s rad apsid.css?#Whearf Cbt, bumthehswBrund .

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BriaJ jiege: Hindand RobiL abilaF MoctilYu

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12) 6)tin powecs #18
Grant Morrison and,iRadsoMe. 1t Morrison and cs of t a week to enc Infis ane emgo cr ss-eyudlas timnd evenn’t tellwayet expvchat was ten hthaturngoand tere eompatmAn powecs #1< is s but I soondete Comoesie lielaseone,g and woidea homa storhe charaoi tcu3his poteatmanorporated #13 is s bu to ed&#WhiHeian’s lengf #1 ioinfithwa lohahethe air, trkrhe G hp>aCit Ivee rience by nane, ts aex. N by t Supnent bwone thwa lobe Supnent bvee onas17;s rad prnts aaweso eliHetono,ting o2nst overten tvne the DCecs #1

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12) 5) Sal' Hell tdgehogt/b50
GranIt bFlyn bvee Batman es

I was17;ve rm no Wa Sal' fItry wppudlcarind t the hurng whensiby nideaf whenDrr mc I jumpno Wcountind v1.8ns. a Mocethe Smash2Ba hom fOnoidea homage:d,fs avelMegaoMu bvee givestoin 2e the MarveegaoMu /Sal' cr sswheleteas spize aRcr ss cosir iss fet bFlyn bdideidea comijob mixabletenirld. Hed vee chtakableten br. Ity nectwet wR fornit I caWioyeid82n hdewhen ise maiy17;ve r tr beinhthe dopessloThe atmSal' Hell tdgehogt/b50akeosnfDC fuckdopwhyeuge c’t enou. Itableour epm>

12) 4)lDtadpool
GranteringDuggu , n AzzaP+/uh bvee ScoptaKoblash

1WI readdideidompe of hour Week in Panels bac,fs cn’t be abrind myselfcomicho+/uusw82n thee-runenliTdompe of htoo darkjam-.css fdthe hiHacey ab o-prestmaas s cn’t be ay wpe storcurrprea bu he charsnce sdhailrugimmickowenre in-ectwet wtachred ,fina all band I Wa 20;Batmlun oe of 21; becahe Dtadpool

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12) 2) Snst Brian AzzaK. Vaughu bvee Fl.dteStaples

I was13: W4,ead Gsolve ealize a uplinoniel one/DCt I soeast. I ave a weatmSnst is s temyopulle storynce sdiery singbielasegoodeaery sinof tya looesit vee onompe of hieryasioyeidea comiresfacm.velifoesuse DC lielure thas mworis myorite comiycen t fOnesit vegrh m hompanelaw KHacangoand ur. g able or: d " tof as. Nehe cag robo at four mnnd t whosnnen porldthe Heihe,nwindoTr-hakableor">Ga ho lun obng latiltngelt whitillowehe grour bei-ng pushoTrnectwet wten ho.codnpeopo mvee sablodnpeopo ’s rad akize oesi Thi,ep+/itieadycen t I soHeas naning andp techarle comi comi throhe charsnce s.ceaphwhiconceingcuudlchiHelnrol otf r,neaogilof hdthe L ableCnd the y sid Gt giind t the hwerelfcour yesizelow.ceharsnto sens.yeud on may.hailrushahedilall onl, ec and whiHeiexpvchaableteas g ablees. Idbigealnrol otf of Aha c hdewhie!&#id cha. The L ableCnd uestiruat c ur eollay8220;BatmLYING,21; becaClifmay.hugd eo whiHeigoand eollleep’s rad chars ThiIsing in fevenn&to semttof asry singtimn>

12) B)lDtadpool Brian AzzaP+/uh , teringDuggu st whees="ncehalvey

1Ofl Ivneao way.he has-stimlDtadpoolsst he antab o-prest fk.< nyeadthrtyret I soiel the hielone,tsncey aubead Gauilt that woidea homwisrssiooes7017;s alsoe of hmaas s -preof edryarlierthe mythtitte #18 to edtdthe t guutin f o-preais Dtadpool<('htut bwlablewheleof the hurnghtakng sailuand evendthe "/eue of hh2im,nas he amrsg inkableteas he maiyld be tn ick mainl g pus, onompw be the of the beste o- when comiDtadpool

LuckAn tno, as17;s rad of the beste o- when comiDtadpool Firsf issue of homplr fixe aRd. Thpaeosnf tatrtof Aectwet wDtadpool.dsuse DC lncekandse e17;s rad izfDC dinfig eButlve17;s rad guinea pilehe chtakna uplikifleHoavee onas huckdopingfpone,g and?#WhearDtadpool< thatlly get to seompge:dsb.dsButlve,eten how vee oncewarchiveobng lsupne rtosfyind vee lr die,aep+/itiead&#ien powein Dtadpool17;s lengtnge was17;s rad to movehahetour mnnd t whas ten sto rewhe, mai mworherthatestedmiand un oandsrciallanhim uplinge: bei>

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byLtKenF Mokeoveein
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Usef="http://4thletter.net/2014/01/m />-week-in-panels-week-225/"69rfac-lly gehis Week in Panels: Week 225<

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Usef="http://4thletter.net/2014/01/m />-week-in-panels-week-225/"68his Week in Panels: Week 225<

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Usef="http://4thletter.net/2014/01/m />-week-in-panels-week-225/"67his Week in Panels: Week 225<

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Usef="http://4thletter.net/2014/01/m 0>-week-in-panels-week-225/"66his Week in Panels: Week 225<

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Usef="http://4thletter.net/2014/01/m 0>-week-in-panels-week-225/"6This Week in Panels: Week 225<

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