We Care About Journalism

July 31st, 2013 by | Tags: ,

Joe Lynch directed this sweet-ass short film called Truth in Journalism. In a fake documentary in the style of Man Bites Dog, a trio of filmmakers follow around disgraced newspaper reporter Eddie Brock. Obsessed with showing his side of the story and what he’s all about, Eddie appears to be a little unhinged, low on scruples, lower on compassion and he’s definitely hiding some kind of secret. Eddie’s played by True Blood star Ryan Kwanten.

Definitely watch it past the credits.

He’s just a smidge too scummy in parts for my taste as an Eddie Brock fanboy, but it’s still a damn fine little movie.

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4 comments to “We Care About Journalism”

  1. The bit with Bullseye at the end is pretty great.

  2. The venom effects were a bit mishandled, but the piece as a whole was great.

  3. I was thinking about you and wondering if you’d seen this when I watched it yesterday. I thought it was really good.

    I also think this dude would make a GREAT Constantine.

  4. I really love this whole thing. Oh Eddie Brock Venom, I kinda miss you.

    Eddie’s definitely a bit smarmier and, well, more nutso than I’d imagine “Eddie Brock, reporter”, to be, but he’d just gotten the symbiote at that point, so he was pretty goddamn nuts.

    Also while Ryan’s performance is awesome, he doesn’t quite fake his Brooklyn accent perfectly and it took me out of it at times.