The Top 200 Fighting Game Endings: Part Five

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120) Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection – LILI

Lili makes her debut in Tekken 5’s update. She’s the prim and proper daughter of a French businessman and has a personality that’s both charmingly ditsy and annoyingly egotistical. Her narrow scope leads to her understanding that the Mishima Zaibatsu is a thorn in the side of her father’s oil-drilling corporation. She enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament to do away with the Zaibatsu’s threat once and for all.

Lili makes her way to her limo, beaming with pride over what she’s done for her father and how proud he’ll be. Her elderly butler Sebastian is moved to tears by Lili’s actions, which in turn makes Lili happier about her victory. The real star, though? Lili’s limo driver.

As that guy waits for them, he turns on the TV and sees some unfortunate news. Lili’s father’s company, Rochefort Enterprises has filed for bankruptcy. What Lili never realized was that her father’s company, regardless of any other issues, was extremely dependent on the Mishima Zaibatsu. With the Zaibatsu destroyed, Rochefort Enterprises is destabilized.

Isn’t that guy on LazyTown?

As Lili laughs about how great she is, the limo driver gets while the getting is good and cheeses it with all his might.

119) Soul Calibur III – ASTAROTH

In this game, Astaroth is a servant of Ares, God of War. Ares’ power is waning here and being represented as nothing more than a ball of light, he’s very low on the Ares depiction totem, far below the likes of Marvel Ares, DC Ares and God of War Ares. His story is pretty predictable. Ares wants Astaroth to get him the Soul Edge and in his “good ending” that comes from pressing the right button at the right time, Astaroth simply takes the Soul Edge as his own. Because that’s like 90% of what all the bad guys do in this game series. Take the Soul Edge and be evil and godly.

It’s the “bad ending” that I think is way better. Ares asks Astaroth to offer Soul Edge to him and Astaroth just laughs at him. As far as he’s concerned, it’s a worthless piece of junk and he proves it with this.

Ares flies off, as not only is Soul Edge destroyed, but he no longer has any hold on Astaroth. Astaroth boasts about how he’s the ultimate being as he’s strong enough to destroy even Soul Edge with his bare hands.

118) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – DEADPOOL

Boy, I was a happy boy when Deadpool was announced for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It helped soothe the pain for the lack of Venom and Juggernaut. The Merc with a Mouth felt at home in the game and his design and mannerisms were pretty perfect. His ending shows the aftermath of him killing Galactus. He decides to hold a giant party in Galactus’ gigantic spaceship.

Interesting choice of characters. They’re almost all from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 except for Dust, who has zero connection to Deadpool other than being X-Men characters. It made me think she was going to be DLC before they announced Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 instead. Speaking of which, the art for that game’s version of the ending is different as well.

Here it makes a little more sense. Cable, Domino, Hydra Bob, Archangel and Fantomex are all guys who have fought alongside Deadpool in the past. No idea why Slapstick of all people is doing there, but sure, why not. Then you have obscure Capcom ladies June and Tiffany trying to get his autograph while Captain Commando just chills out.

Deadpool breaks the fourth wall by wishing that the player could be there with him, but the player gets the points for beating the game and that’s good enough. Cut to the next day, where a news reporter is surveying the wreckage. When fiddling with the DJ booth, Deadpool accidentally blew up Cleveland. Now he’s a fugitive from the law and so is his accomplice, known only to the authorities as, “Player”.

What’s important is that Fantomex got to be in a video game. It’s about time.

117) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – COMBOT

Combot’s ending isn’t done in the usual CGI style as most of the other Tekken characters. Instead, it’s a more unique, grainy, hand-drawn style. Combot is shown walking through the city streets, ignoring the honking cars as it ducks through an alley. It passes by some grimy, discarded objects like a radio and a bicycle before coming across a junkyard. Throughout this journey, we see that Combot’s movement is ominously jerky. It’s become apparent that it’s falling apart.

It stands outside the junkyard, watching as a crane smashes cars, picks them up and throws them into a big pile. Combot keeps watching this pattern over and over again. Unlike Alisa and Jack, Combot has never been portrayed as having much of a personality, but even with a lack of a face, you can tell that watching this is affecting it. It’s seen machines that are used up and discarded and Combot is no different. It is nothing more than a tool used to its potential, destined to die alone and uncared for. Combot falls to pieces and its sight goes black.

Just for a couple seconds, Combot’s eyes come back online to see the image of Lee Chaolan solemnly looking down at it while cradling the robot in his arms. Combot’s eyes go dim for good, but at least it died knowing that it wasn’t to die alone and forgotten.

Lee, affected by this, emotionally buries his head into his creation’s chest.

Wow. That was depressing. Here, let’s look at Paul Phoenix and Kuma dancing together to cheer ourselves up.

That’s the stuff.

116) Samurai Shodown V – GAIRA

Gaira is an oversized monk who fights people with his giant necklace of prayer beads. At the end of this game, which is itself a prequel anyway, Gaira wonders about what it is he should even be doing and what it is he should be searching for. That’s when his grandfather Caffeine Nicotine (yes, really) shows up to give him advice.

Nicotine is joined by all-but-forgotten Samurai Shodown characters Earthquake, Gen-An, Wan-Fu and Sieger. They have absolutely nothing in common outside of one thing: they’re all bald. They’re all bald and they all want Gaira to be bald too. They give their own reasons for why he should do it. It’s the latest fashion. It’ll help him find enlightenment. He’ll belong. It’ll make him a real man. Just do it! Gaira doesn’t want it, so they all tackle him and finally, he gets the cue ball look.

They all laugh at him. The end. This ending is so stupid and pointless that I have to applaud whoever came up with it. Some guy at SNK realized, “We have a handful of bald guys on our roster. We should do something with this. Even if it does make zero sense.”

115) Mortal Kombat: Armageddon – SUB-ZERO

As of Deadly Alliance, Sub-Zero steps in a new direction by deciding that instead of running from the Lin Kuei, he will pursue them himself and take over the clan because he is that bad a motherfucker. Sub-Zero reforms the ninja clan and tries to use it as a force of good. He gets his hands on the Dragon Medallion, which enhances his ice powers. He goes from being able to freeze people and make swords to summoning entire boats made of ice. Then for one game, he started dressing like the Shredder.

Anyway, things start to look up when Sub-Zero kills Blaze on top of the pyramid. Blaze’s energies merge with the Dragon Medallion, which turn Sub-Zero into an ice god. Only the Elder Gods are pissed because they never gave consent on this. Deeming Sub-Zero a false god, they send their champions to destroy him. Once again, Sub-Zero finds himself being hunted down by his own kind.

Though I’m sure Sub-Zero will decide to pursue the Elder Gods himself and take over because he is that bad a motherfucker.

114) Marvel Super Heroes – JUGGERNAUT

Marvel Super Heroes is a reimagining of the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, only in this version, heroes and villains are tripping over each other in an attempt to gather the Infinity Gems and challenge Thanos. The heroes selflessly save the universe and disregard the Infinity Gauntlet while the villains are self-serving and are therefore more interesting.

Juggernaut, despite all of his strength, finds himself screwed over no matter what. He defeats Thanos and reaches for the Gauntlet on the ground, laughing at what he’s going to do to Xavier when he runs time, space and all points in-between. Unfortunately, that’s when Adam Warlock appears, swipes the Gauntlet and thanks Juggernaut for saving everyone by slaying Thanos. Then he sends him back to Earth on a mere whim.

And this, my friends, is why I hate Adam Warlock.

Still, it’s amusing to see Juggernaut’s selfish quest for power and revenge lead to him unwittingly saving the universe and having nothing to show for it.

Years after playing this game religiously, I started reading early Deadpool comics. When reading Mark Waid’s four-issue miniseries, I got to a sequence of Deadpool dropping a bunch of Ginzu knives onto Juggernaut and noticed something familiar about this panel.

113) Mace: The Dark Age – GRENDAL

I still feel kind of bad that Mace never caught on. It wasn’t a perfect game, but how many first installment fighting games really are? The game had some sweet character designs and Grendal is one of them.

Grendal is the game’s penultimate boss character. A gargoyle with a giant hammer whose body is stone with cracks of magma-like glowing. Even he doesn’t know what he really is, but is forced to do the bidding of Asmodeus by killing countless others. For some more background, Asmodeus is the game’s main villain, a demon who wields the Mace of Tanis. While he rules Eurasia, he does it by seeing over an evil set of high-ranking government underlings called the Covenant of Seven. One of these rulers, Malanoche, is the father of one of the game’s characters, the evil sorceress Taria.

One of Asmoedeus’ soothsayers told him long ago that a child born on a black moon would bring Asmodeus’ downfall. Asmoedeus visits Malanoche and demands he hand over the newborn. Malanoche does so willingly, as little does Asmodeus know that Malanoche had twins. Malanoche raises Taria to be evil, but what ever happened to the son Taurus?

Yep, Grendal is none other than Taurus, transformed into a killing machine by Asmodeus. Grendal slays Asmodeus, takes the Mace of Tanis and uses it to remove his curse. He becomes his human self and makes up for his years of evil deeds by removing his father from power, taking the throne and eliminating the Covenant of Seven. He is a just ruler, but despite the ultimate power that comes from wielding the Mace of Tanis, he still can’t do anything to fix his sister’s bad attitude. Her evil is too strong to heal. Not wanting to simply kill her, he does the most humane thing he can think of by blinding her and removing her tongue. She may live, but having no access to spell use, she’s harmless to the rest of the world.

112) Street Fighter Alpha 3 – SODOM

Sodom is a character from the first Final Fight. There, he was one of the coolest things ever. A masked, armored guy with two katanas who you fight in an underground wrestling ring. Once he made the jump into the Street Fighter Alpha games, they decided to play up the idea that he’s not even Japanese and is just a white poser, undoing his mystique by making him a joke.

A lot of the Alpha 3 endings are basically the same. Bison laughs about how he isn’t really defeated. The winning character either beats him up again or destroys his Psycho Drive, killing him for good. Then stuff is said. Sodom’s is one of the better versions of this. Bison escapes back into his Psycho Drive to power up and we see Chun-Li and Charlie coordinating an attack on the Shadaloo base. Chun-Li is shocked as suddenly, a giant-ass truck shows up!

Sodom’s jazzed because he can be a kamikaze pilot in driver form. He drives into the base, blows it to smithereens, Bison blows up and all is well. Chun-Li and Charlie talk up how they were wrong about Sodom. He really showed some serious honor in his actions and is a true samurai (whatever that means). Elsewhere, Sodom’s gang buddy Rolento thinks that Sodom was too tough to be taken out by a truck exploding into a mushroom cloud. He’s probably still alive.

111) King of Fighters 2001 – TEAM JAPAN

Things really fell apart creatively for Kyo Kusanagi and friends once the game’s first story arc finished up. Kyo was the main character of the Orochi Saga, but after King of Fighters ’97, K’ became the new main character and Kyo really had nothing going on. They’re so low on ideas for what to do with him that nine times out of ten, his endings are just Iori Yagami showing up and going, “I’m going to fight you to the death Kyo!” And then they fight. Strangely they’re always both alive in the next game.

They did have something cool going on in the early 00’s. Kyo’s flanked by his good buddies Benimaru and Goro Daimon, but he’s also pestered by his student/fanboy Shingo Yabuki. Shingo fights like Kyo, but less refined and without the sweet fire powers. So he’s basically kind of worthless. Even when they win the tournament and save the world from Igniz and the NESTS Cartel, Shingo is pointed out to be the weak link of the team and it’s lucky they even won with him holding them down.

Shingo is pretty excited about winning and suggests that they should go party. Benimaru and Goro shoot him down, but Kyo goes as far as to tell him to get a life. What a jerk! Shingo is left alone, feeling weak and worthless. He needs strength to be better than a loser, but Kyo wants nothing to do with him. Someone approaches him, asking about his need for might. Shingo wonders who it is and the stranger identifies himself as, “Stronger than Kyo Kusanagi!”

Shingo’s in awe to see that it’s Saisyu Kusanagi, Kyo’s father. This is a pretty cool reveal, as Saisyu hasn’t been seen (canon, at least) since 1995 and has snuck into obscurity after Kyo saved him from a brainwashing incident. Saisyu’s had no direct connection to Shingo before this, so it’s a neat development that he’d take him under his wing because he’s a nicer and wiser guy than his son.

In one of the following games, it’s shown that while Shingo can’t hold a candle to Kyo quite yet, he’s still seen as someone who pulls his weight. He’s no longer Team Japan’s resident weakling.

110) Rival Schools: United by Fate – HIDEO SHIMAZU

Hideo is a language teacher at Justice High School who happens to be really good at karate. He associates with Kyoko, the school nurse. Over the course of the game, the two are brainwashed into capturing teenagers and are eventually knocked back to sense by Batsu and the other heroic students.

Hideo reflects on the adventure with Kyoko and points out that ironically, it’s the students who taught him a lesson through their bravery. He talks about why he’s such a great fighter for a high school teacher. His father was a master in Shimazu-style karate and rather than take up the role of its successor, Hideo simply ran away and became a teacher instead. Now he understands that he did it out of fear and it’s the same fear that led to him being used as a pawn. He knows now that he has to have courage, especially for what lies next.

He intensely yells Kyoko’s name, startling her. Then he starts to stammer and stutter as he tries to work up the strength and courage to propose to her.

According to the next game, he got the words out and she said yes, so good for Hideo.

109) Samurai Shodown 2 – WAN-FU

This another silly ending from the series. Wan-Fu defeats Mizuki and laughs at how she wasn’t as strong as he expected. He stands around for a bit and then goes full-on Animal Man on us.

He sees us! Wan-Fu gets in our collective faces by telling us that there is no ending to his story. To show he means business, he gives us a “message” in the form of angrily leaping at the screen with his stone weapon in hand.

I thought it was kind of funny. On one hand, something could be said about a self-aware warrior who wants it to be known that there is no conclusion to his adventures. On the other hand, a programmer probably needed to come up with an epilogue for the dude and figured, “I got nothing.”

108) Rage of the Dragons – BILLY AND JIMMY

I mentioned Rage of the Dragons on the list earlier, but here I should talk about the game’s history. Not in terms of storyline, but in its creation. The company Evoga wanted to make a fighting game in the form of a modernized Double Dragon. They seemingly started development of it already, but plans to get the rights to the Double Dragon name fell apart. They simply kept making the game anyway, only they tweaked it to make it legal. Now it’s Billy Lewis and Jimmy Lewis as street fighting brothers with dragon powers who fight a hulking mountain of a man named Abubo.

While the game is tag-team, Billy and Jimmy aren’t paired with each other by default. Billy, the more righteous of the two, is paired with Lynn, the granddaughter of his old sensei. Jimmy, who is self-destructive, fights alongside Sonia, an assassin trying to fight her way out of the underworld. Jimmy’s ending shows him visiting the grave of Mariah (Marion from Double Dragon renamed) and moaning over how he has to make things right.

BUT! What if you play through as Billy and Jimmy together? Billy and Lynn find Jimmy and Sonia at the cemetery and Billy goes on about how they need to put their past aside and work together again because the threat they’re up against isn’t gone for good. Jimmy ignores his brother until Billy makes the mistake of telling him that Mariah’s death wasn’t Jimmy’s fault and he needs to get over it. Jimmy slugs his brother one and yells, “You know nothing!!”

Billy tries to get through to his brother, saying that the Black Dragon is too powerful a foe and Jimmy’s only feeding it with his hate.

Hey, it’s the title!

Jimmy tells Billy that he doesn’t need his help. If the Black Dragon gets in his way, he’ll take it on himself. Billy sighs, knowing that he can’t get through to him, but wishes him good luck regardless.

A nice teaser for a sequel we never got.

107) Guilty Gear X2 – BRIDGET (Path 3)

The Guilty Gear series has Johnny, a heroic pirate guy with a love for the ladies. Sure, he’s a criminal and he’s a womanizer, but we let it slide because he’s cool and those things are cool in the realm of fiction. Once you look deeper at the character, you notice that he’s kind of a scumbag. He runs a pirate crew that’s exclusively female, with a lot of them underage. So yeah, that’s not cool.

Bridget is a little boy dressed as a nun who goes out to make his name as a bounty hunter, using a yoyo as a weapon. He sort of sucks, but this one ending is pretty fantastic for how it fucks over Johnny. Bridget is out for the outdated bounty on Dizzy, a girl of tremendous power who has come to be part of Johnny’s crew. Bridget doesn’t realize that the bounty is no longer on the table, so he tracks down Johnny. Johnny plays it up by trying to sweet-talk young Bridget, calling him, “my lady”, and offering him a spot in the Jellyfish Pirates. Instead, the two fight.

Bridget notes that he should have lost that fight, but halfway in, Johnny suddenly went limp, as if he just realized something horrible. Johnny notes that Bridget is a boy and is disgusted at himself because, damn it, he’s a HETEROSEXUAL pedophile. He apologizes for starting the fight and begs him to not tell anyone about this incident. Bridget doesn’t get what’s happened and just calls Johnny a weirdo.

And he’s right!

106) Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe – LIU KANG

The guys writing this game had a lot of fun with the crossover elements and a lot of the endings are based on the winners transforming into something stronger in a way that relates to the other world’s elements. During the game’s story mode, Raiden briefly hangs out at the Rock of Eternity and finds out about Captain Marvel’s powers. By yelling, “SHAZAM!” Captain Marvel gains the powers of several gods.

Raiden decides that this is a pretty snazzy concept and figures that his world should have its own Captain Marvel. Using the same techniques, he empowers Liu Kang with the magic of the gods, such as himself, Fujin, Argus (who isn’t even from Earthrealm, but whatever) and others to become an even more unstoppable warrior. In order to transform, Liu Kang only needs to shout, “MORTAL KOMBAT!”


There’s a reason Takuma Sakazaki is on the list so much. He’s the perfect mix of humor and badassitude. Like, there’s one instance in a King of Fighters game where there’s a huge satellite laser coming down to obliterate everything and Takuma stops it by throwing a fireball at it. So, like, holy shit! But then when he’s thanked by teammate King, he says not to thank him as he’s only protecting the future mother of his grandchild… even though King and Ryo aren’t officially an item, leading to a mass, “Wait, what?” reaction. There’s a great balance in there.

In SNK vs. Capcom, he reprises his alter-ego of Mr. Karate and enters the fray as Akuma’s SNK counterpart. That in itself is high praise, but he still plays up the humor in his ending. Much as Akuma has his own amped-up second incarnation called Shin Akuma, the game introduces Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate, otherwise known as “Serious Mr. Karate”. Here, he focuses less on being a goofy dad and more on being a force of nature with fists.

At the end of his story, he hides out in a temple. He may be one of the world’s strongest fighters, but he’s still just a man and unseen by the world, he nurses the throbbing pain that comes with overexertion at his advanced age. He hears laughter and Lee Pai Long, a fellow masked old man fighter from Art of Fighting 2, discovers him.

Takuma leaves the tengu mask behind as Lee helps support him and they walk out of there. Takuma points out that his wound is really nothing to worry about and the kids these days can’t touch him. Lee laughs. “With an attitude like that… you just may have another 40 years of fight in you.”

104) Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – AKUMA

All Akuma wants is to find an opponent strong enough to kill him, which is why he’s always trying to goad Ryu into tapping into his evil power. It’s his destiny to keep being awesome until he finds that one guy who can keep him down for good. Unfortunately, that doesn’t lead to many good endings. Having him say, “Well, I beat everyone up. Guess I’ll just wait some more,” gets old.

Then they decided that Akuma’s endings should just be him training to the extreme. Stuff like breaking mountains with his fist or shattering asteroids with his foot. His 3rd Strike ending is my favorite variation.

A submarine is sent to find a sunken ship and record its data. Your usual Jacque Cousteau situation, until they notice a silhouette on the ship.

This is deep underwater. There’s no way a man can exist in this setting without drowning or being crushed. On the surface, a ship loses contact with the submarine. They wonder what could be the problem, when all of the sudden, the ship explodes. Akuma flies straight up out of the water, showing off his new Tenshou Kaireki Jin attack.

Please don’t trespass on Akuma’s training territory.

103) Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side – LARCEN TYLER

Larcen is one of the better designs of the Eternal Champions games. If you’re going to bother with using time travel as a plot point, you might as well bring in a guy who wore a fedora in the days when wearing a fedora was completely acceptable. Larcen is a 1920’s cat burglar with a fedora, trench coat, grappling hook and spiked brass knuckles. Larcen is cool.

I dig his backstory as well. Larcen spent his entire life respecting the mob and working his way into the ranks of the underworld. He was close with mob boss Mr. Tagliani and would do any job for him, as long as it didn’t involve murder. After years of loyalty, Larcen is given the mission of planting a box of incriminating evidence into a hospital, where a rival crime boss is recuperating. Larcen goes there, but then sees that the “rival boss” is really the chief of police. Upon Larcen’s realization, the box of “evidence” explodes, killing Larcen, the chief and many innocent people.

By winning the tournament, Larcen gets his shot at redemption and revenge. Returning moments before his death, Larcen throws the box out the window as it explodes. A reporter sees this and reports on it, meaning that Larcen’s identity is out there and he’s a marked man. The government comes to him and requests his assistance in taking down Tagliani. Larcen becomes an Elliot Ness-like figure, running a task force dedicating to stomping out crime. At first he does this out of necessity because as long as Tagliani’s out there, Larcen will never be safe and he also wants to get him back for the betrayal. He grows into the role and ends up dedicating the rest of his life to it.

Countless mafia families and international cartels have been taken down by Larcen’s hand. His tactics have been copied by other countries, including the US, as the FBI and CIA have adapted his methods.

This ending got its own Game Gear spinoff game called Chicago Syndicate. It wasn’t very good.

102) Skullgirls – VALENTINE

I love the premise of Skullgirls. The Skull Heart is an evil force that will grant any wish, but will possess and corrupt the wisher with the speed of the process based on how selfish the wish is (ie. making a selfish wish will turn you evil immediately while a relatively selfless wish will make it slow and gradual). Because of how destructive the Skullgirls (the possessed form of the wishers) are, governments have been working on contingency plans for the next time one of them shows her face. Valentine, a buxom nurse, was part of such plans.

Valentine is only playable after you play through the game as the six default characters and all of their storylines paint quite the picture for her. She was part of the anti-Skullgirls group Last Hope, but then betrayed all of her allies and humanity itself to work for Marie, the current Skullgirl. Going through Valentine’s story mode shows that there’s more to it than just that. Marie slaughtered all of Last Hope, leaving Valentine for last, but let her live in return for her services. Valentine’s been working both sides since then, trying to find an opening to turn on the ever-powerful Marie.

Not that it really makes her a good guy. As part of Last Hope, she’s done some morally reprehensible shit in her quest to build an anti-Skullgirl weapon, mainly in the creation of Painwheel. Along with the mad doctor Brain Drain, Valentine transformed a teenage girl into a hideous, insane freak, bent on eliminating the Skullgirl. Even as a protagonist, Valentine continues to dress down the poor girl with tons of verbal abuse, even though you could definitely chalk it up to her trying to rile up Painwheel to meet her potential.

After killing Marie, Valentine is offered the Skull Heart and wonders how to play this. She decides against wishing for her friends from Last Hope back because the Skull Heart would turn that wish into something terrible. Valentine understands that her own quest to rid the world of the enemy has in fact turned her into the enemy. If that’s the case, then she’ll go even further. She wishes to become the newest Skullgirl. That way, Painwheel will be able to terminate the Skullgirl and Valentine in one fell swoop, an elaborate form of suicide on Valentine’s part, based on her remorse.

We never see what Valentine’s new form looks like, but Painwheel appears a minute too late. There’s already a huge hole in the ceiling and Valentine’s left her trademark hacksaw. Painwheel picks up the weapon, removes her mask and looks up through the hole in wonder.

101) Mortal Kombat: Armageddon – KOBRA

Funny story about Kobra. When he debuted in Mortal Kombat: Deception, his design was blatantly based on Ken Masters, to the point that in early builds, before they came up with the name Kobra, they would just refer to him as “Ken Masters” on his health bar. A German video game magazine got to play an early build with orders not to leak any info. They disregarded those orders and instead broke the big news that Ken Masters from Street Fighter would be in the next Mortal Kombat game! Heh. Midway was not happy.

Kobra’s ending in Armageddon complements that Sub-Zero one from earlier well. From killing Blaze, Kobra becomes a thousand times more powerful and demands that the Elder Gods officially accept him as Lord of the Realms. The Elder Gods are totally cool with that and bring up that if he’s to be a lord, he should probably have a lady at his side. Kobra agrees with that idea and wants fellow Black Dragon member Kira to rule at his side. The Elder Gods are all, “Wait, hold up! She can’t just be a human! She needs to be a goddess. Don’t worry, we got this.” Kira is empowered as the Goddess of Death and reduces Kobra to dust with but a kiss.

The moral of the story: don’t make demands of the Elder Gods, even if you are the most powerful man in the universe. Similarly, Kira’s ending has a similar situation where Kira becomes all-powerful, helps out Kobra and he kills her for it. Those two need a therapist in the worst way.

Join me next time as we break into the top 100.

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  1. In the Juggernaut entry, you typed “Unfortunately, that’s when Adam Strange appears, swipes the Gauntlet and thanks Juggernaut for saving everyone by slaying Thanos.”

    Which, yes, is a typo, but I love the idea of Adam Strange just showing up in a Marvel game. “Zeta radiation can send me anywhere, son! ANYWHERE.”

  2. @Tales to Enrage: I had to read that sentence three times before realizing where I messed up.

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