Come on in, it’s time to party with Smuckles and Friends

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You’re on the internet looking at a site that is about is mostly about is occasionally about comics, so you are probably familiar with Chris Onstad’s Achewood. Originally meant to be about a trio of sentient stuffed animals, it mutated into revolving around a thong-wearing cat with too much money on his hands and his depressed mess of a best friend. It went on for years, gave many laughs, then stopped due to some personal stuff Onstad was going through. It picked back up, sporadic as it had become, but just the other day it was announced that Onstad is shopping around for a channel to get behind an Achewood television series. At first, we got a quick glance of some footage with “Everyday” by Buddy Holly playing.

Now we have a 5-minute proof-of-concept test footage dealy.

I’m down with Roast Beef here, though, “THIS IS SO WACKY!” needs far more oomph. It goes with the “Boomhauer from King of the Hill with the gimmick dialed down by a quarter” voice I always imagined him having. Ray seems a bit off to me. I always figured he sounded like Jeff Bridges. Ah well. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

If it gets picked up. Please let it get picked up.

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4 comments to “Come on in, it’s time to party with Smuckles and Friends”

  1. That’s the problem when comic strips hop to animation, isn’t it: the voices are always “wrong”.

    To me, Roast Beef’s voice is the more wrong of the two, it “should” be quiet, flat and affectless for the most part. Ray’s voice is all right, though I figured him to sound like a Hannibal Buress who speaks more theatrically.

  2. If this does get picked up, I hope like hell this means we get a Cartilage Head episode, and that we get the Great Outdoor Fight as the season finale.

  3. It’s worth noting Chris Onstad himself does Roast Beef’s voice, fittingly. I think Philippe’s voice could be sped up a bit and Ray sort of feels off, though I get why they gave him the southern drawl as it fits his heritage.

    The quality of animation makes me believe this will be chosen by Telltale Games as their next project.

  4. I always gave Ray halfway to a Louis Armstrong – an amiable growl.