never believe the hype

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john paul leon - static shock special 01

john paul leon - static shock special 02

I want you to keep this two-page story by Matt Wayne, John Paul Leon, Noelle Giddings, and Dave Sharpe from Static Shock Special in mind this month. I want you to think of this every time someone — anyone, myself included — invokes Dwayne McDuffie’s name.

I want you to think about what they have to gain when they say the man’s name.

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10 comments to “never believe the hype”

  1. Is this a big thing, now – or even a new thing?

    I do recall, on his board, there were conversations about things that, for instance, DC staff said about their relationship with McDuffie, which he denied, at the time.

    I’m sure it’s even more of a concern when it happens now, when he has no way to confirm or deny, but what has happened, of-late, to justify this level of expression?

    Also, where was this story?

  2. Where was this story printed? I’d love to have the book.

  3. I take have great feels when seeing his name in the credits on the DCU cartoons, as that’s a far more enjoyable and life affirming version of that universe than anything we’ve ever gotten from the comics.

    You’ll be missed, man.

  4. Ian, this was in the Static Shock Special, which was not too bad given all the hub-bub the circumstances surrounding DC’s handling of it at the time….

  5. um that should have read “given the hub-bub and circumstances” … sorry I didn’t proof it before hitting submit….

  6. http://4thletter.net/wp-content/plugins/smilies-themer/SAEmoticons/frown.png

    this……sucks. not the book, the feeling i get when i read it. can we please start giving legends the recognition they deserve before they become “legends”. im just tired of everybody who’s worth a damn never hearing it until they’re in the dirt.

  7. I love the opening line. ” You know every body loves you now” Perfect use of sarcasm. These two pages perfectly sum up the plunder of culture. Like a Duke frat stereotyping Asians.

    February is Black History Month..and you will be hard pressed to see serious discussion on the role minorities play in the comics industry beyond a top 20 fav black character list.

    Its unspoken but glaring how the industry double standards and does not support minority creators that aren’t artists. but you know field hands and all that.

  8. If there were any legitimate issues with him, it would be considered bad form for anyone to raise them.

    Kinda like how I agree that publishing a tribute to him that was pointedly critical of the industry probably wasn’t the tone that they wanted. It doesn’t make either side’s points less legitimate but it is a practical consideration.

    Even wi the backlash, it was probably in their best interests to decline and apologize than to have run the unedited tribute.

  9. @JB: For whatever it’s worth, I couldn’t stop talking Dwayne up after his first issue on “Fantastic Four”. Dude managed to redeem Reed Richards even after “Civil War”, without skirting the issues … that’s no small thing. If I hadn’t been vocal enough of a fan before that, I certainly was after. (The rest of the run was pretty amazing too, some of the best FF I have yet to see.)

  10. For those still following these comments, I thought you might be interested in knowing that the comic referenced in this article is on-sale on Comixology for 99 cents, right now. Got mine. This certainly saved me from searching ebay and conventions for a copy.