Uncanny X-Force #26 has EVERYTHING

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This week brought us Uncanny X-Force #26, written by Rick Remender and drawn by Phil Noto. The current arc is a weird one, mixing a vengeful judge with no skin, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and an organization that creates assassins and programs revenge-fueled backstories into their memories. A couple pages in, we get a scene of Fantomex trying to work through Psylocke giving into his advances and then dumping him.

I had a huge smile on my face when reading this scene, just for the background happenings. It’s here that I realize that while Jean-Phillipe doesn’t seem to keep company with anyone on a regular basis, he definitely has to be an acquaintance of Stefon Zolesky from New York.

Stefon, for those who don’t watch modern Saturday Night Live, is a character played by Bill Hader. This eccentric, gay club kid is always tasked with giving people advice on where to spend their vacation when they hit New York City. He just lacks the ability to keep himself grounded and would rather suggest the strangest clubs. It’s worth noting that although Hader co-writes the material, one of the other writers, John Mulaney, has a tendency to change some of the jokes before they go live, meaning Hader has yet to do a single skit without cracking up.

“So Stefon, some kids might want to get into reading Marvel. What should they check out to start with?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… The hottest club in Marvel comics is the Merriment Dungeon. Started on a deadline by comic-writing prostitute Trick Remender, this club has EVERYTHING: gimps, astronauts, lusty mimes, bathrobed Lincolns, urban knitters, pandas betting on pillow fights, that guy with no hands juggling knives with his feet while wearing a diaper and Fantomex.”

“Fantomex? What’s that?”

“It’s… you know… that thing where you mix a mutant with a Sentinel and give him the power to sneeze out his nervous system and turn it into a UFO.”

“Yes, that thing.”

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we have the Marvel Team-Up story we need to see. I mean, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers wrote Spider-Man: The Short Halloween a few years back and the 70’s gave us that Avengers/SNL crossover, so we have some precedent. A Fantomex/Stefon comic would have EVERYTHING: action, adventure, humor, an old hermaphrodite dressed in a raincoat, Moloids, Bill Cosby cosplayers, Prulls (Puerto Rican Skrulls) and Human Cosmic Cubes. That’s that thing where you get a midget and put him in a cardboard box and have two Nazis play catch with it.

Plus it opens things up for a Deadpool/MacGruber miniseries that I would read the shit out of.

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8 comments to “Uncanny X-Force #26 has EVERYTHING”

  1. I want to make love to this post.

    “And look over there. Is that Jon Hamm? No, it’s Annihilus on the toilet.”

  2. So come on down! The bouncer is a hirsute blind man in a cape and cowl and the password is “Bees. My God.”

  3. So that’s where Dr. Luchador went he didn’t die he just got lost between the Dr. McNinja/deadpool team up.

  4. Ohmygog. I’m laughing so hard, I’m actually crying. This is brilliant. Puerto Rican Skrulls.

  5. Oh man, I hadn’t even considered the sheer insanity of Deadpool/MacGruber. Both these team ups I would buy the hell out of.

  6. I’m just drunk enough. This whole thing makes perfect sense and I owe you a beer. Or pancakes. Not sure which is the appropriate trade off. Mmm pancakes.

    Fantomex is the Scott Steiner of xforce. Where’s his chain mail.

  7. Btw, holy crap never seen stefon before. That was great.

  8. “That’s that thing where you get a midget and put him in a cardboard box and have two Nazis play catch with it.”

    I feel the same way about this sentence as Professor X does about watching Logan “playing” with Beanie Babies.