We Built This City (on Cats and… uh… coal…) [Buy King City!]

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Yeah, I don’t know what happened to that title up there. Sorry. I’ll try harder next time.

I just remembered that Brandon Graham’s King City drops in about a month. 03/20! Preorders right now are sitting at around ten bucks for 400+ pages of one of my favorite comics. It’s a steal at twice the price. edit: King City is out in brick & mortar stores as of 03/07!

If you don’t know what King City is… man. I wrote a lot about it. Here’s twelve posts, here’s another post, one mo’ gin, and one mo’ one mo’ gin.

That’s a lot of words spilled over one book. I’m trying to think of a better way to sell you on this book…

If you like any or all of the below:
-Sharp dialogue
-A realistic approach to relationships
-A drugknife you can have sex with

Then King City is probably for you. If you don’t like any of those, then you should read King City anyway, because it will make you like them.

Seriously though, ten bucks. Four hundred and some pages of one of the freshest books to hit comics in years. I don’t wanna overhype it, but it’s really good, y’all.

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7 comments to “We Built This City (on Cats and… uh… coal…) [Buy King City!]”

  1. Hell fuckin’ yeah! Now to see if it will ship to Indonesia. :negativeman:

  2. I can’t wait to read this thing.

  3. Already pre-ordered last week and feeling grumpy about it getting bumped back…

  4. I pre-ordered this thing as soon as I was able to. And I pimped the hell out of it on the newsletter I write as well. I’ll probably do so again once it’s out.

  5. I pre-ordered already, think I’m going to go ahead and cancel and then reorder through your affiliate link.

    I foung King City through a friend, but your writing on it is always great and entertaining. Even if it’s just a few pennies, I’d rather you get something for it.

  6. i was gonna flip the singles once the PTB finally got announced just to make a lil extra $…but when i took them out to do photos, i just couldnt. these are perfect single issue artifacts

  7. So why is your post lacking some KC images!?