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February 29th, 2012 by |

I had a bike accident on the way to work this morning, so posting may be light for a few days, unless I get really bored and get back to work. Sorry.

(Yes, it has been a long week.)

Just so this isn’t a depressing post of nothing, do me a favor. What are you reading that I need to be reading? Watching that I need to be watching? Listening to that I need to be listening to? What are you consuming that I need to consume? Why?

Let me know.

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51 comments to “take that take that take that”

  1. Listening to that I need to be listening to?


  2. Not sure if you’re reading these books because I’ve just recently started viewing your site more. Here’s a list of some of my favorites right now:

    Thunderbolts. Avengers Academy. X-Factor. Scarlet Spider. Winter Soldier. Pigs. Chew. Morning Glories. Severed. Resurrection Man. Aquaman. Green Lantern: New Guardians. Conan The Barbarian.

    Also, one of my all time favorite runs on any comic ever: Peter David’s Captain Marvel. :smug:

  3. Man hope your doing ok. Not sure if you will be interested in any of the things I’m consuming, but figured I would pass them on…maybe you will find enjoyment in them.

    Last non math book I read (I know you don’t give a shit about those) was “The Lies of Locke Lamora”. Basically its about a group of thieves in a medieval setting, and they are about as smooth as you can get, in fact they are known as The Gentlemanly Bastards. Pretty great to see how they set up some pretty epic heists to go down.

    As for watching I have checked out a few episodes of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. Now I know the title doesn’t make it sound great, but its the first Gundam series in a long time to be set in the original Gundam universe, and that makes it pretty good compared to other series. Plus the fight sequences are insane.

    Finally I have been listening to Little Dragon. Best way of describing her is imagine a bit of soul/hip hop but done with electronic music. I completely fell in love with her album Ritual Union the first time I heard it, and I recommend people to check it out. If you have Spotify you can listen to it on there I know.

    Also if you haven’t checked it out yet, Orcs Must Die for the PC is ridiculously fun. Basically you set up traps on these levels and prevent orcs and other crazy monsters from getting to a portal. Trap placement sometimes results in hilarious rag doll physics. You can get it on Steam for pretty cheap since its been out a while.

    Hope you feel better.

  4. What I’m reading:

    Animal Man
    Action Comics (just started, actually)
    All Star Western (same here)
    Aquamman (this too)
    The Flash
    Wonder Woman
    Demon Knights
    Tiny Titans
    Mega Man
    Adventure Time

  5. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve had a couple of bad bike accidents myself. In fact I didn’t break my first bone until I hit my 30s. Anyway I’m not reading much but a bunch of oldies but goodies. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Have you seen the anime Kemonozume? Michiko to Hatchin?
    For comics, the new Orc Stain just came out. Have you read The Shade? For that matter, have you read Starman?

  7. David, first time commenter, long-time haphazard reader.

    Given how well-versed you are in comics, I am not gonna recommend anything.

    But in terms of TV series, have you ever checked out CBS’ Person of Interest? I love that show.

    Hope you feel better ASAP–and cut yourself some slack on the Wacker interaction experience.

  8. Oh, it’s one of those!

    Comics: I got Athos in America, and it’s some of the best work from Jason in years. There’s a couple of stories in the middle of that book that just scrape your insides all up, where you’re not sure if you should be laughing or upset or what, and I’m not sure of anything else as strong as Jason’s work that reads that FAST without feeling empty.

    Books: After finishing that reread of The Baroque Cycle a little ways back, which never stops being The Best Thing, I’ve been kinda bumming about on the prose front. I have, like, a stack of maybes and re-reads and stuff on my nightstand but I can’t commit yet. But I’ll never not recommend that brilliant fuckin’ trilogy.

    TV: Are you watching Luck? Jesus Christ, that show is good. I’m one episode behind, but the fact that we’re not liftin’ this show up and carryin’ it around on our shoulders is a fuckin’ crime. I don’t know if people got burned because John From Cincinnati was a mess, or whatever, but Luck is pure uncut Milch, and I know you’ve been wading in the Deadwood waters lately, so check that shit out (although if you had to choose, stick with the rest of Deadwood, since that was TV’s high water mark. You wouldn’t think it’d beat The Wire an’ all, but it absolutely does).

    Games: Aw, you fuckin’ know that already.

  9. Ignoring monthly comics, I’ve been working my way very slowly through Learning to Kill, which is a collection of early Ed McBain stuff.
    The last book I finished was Charlie Huston’s sleepless, which was really great.
    I watch TV shows in seasons/chunks, last ones were Terriers, a great detective show that manages to be both funny and emotionally devastating, and Deadwood.
    Oh, and I watched Pierrot Le Fou last weekend.

    So nothing I’m really certain you wouldn’t know about. Get well soon.

  10. I’ll try and get off my ass and finish some more Elseworlds stuff if posting is gonna be light. I keep rewriting this damn next one.

    The new SSX is pretty snazzy. Crazy, fuck-your-realism arcade snowboarding on mountains that are trying to kill you. Most of my reading’s psych stuff, but if you want something in that vein I can toss out a few ideas.

  11. Your week has been so terrible. Man I dunno why I feel so personally offended by Steve Wacker (cause I like his books? because you helped Marvel so much for free with that piracy thing?) but I do. Get well, cheer up, etc.

    For stuff you might wanna check out:
    The only anime I’m watching this season is Aquarion Evol. I dunno how you feel about watching fansubs, but I love this anime. It’s basically the stupidest thing I’ve seen in a long time. You watch Mirai Nikki, so I know you don’t mind stupid when it’s fun. I read the manga so I’m not watching it.

    Aquarion is a mech anime where every damn episode has it’s own drawn-out, groan-worthy, hilarious sex metaphor. The characters are colorful (and stupid! ever wondered what butt-cleavage would look like? WONDER NO MORE!) and the animation/ general production qualities are really fantastic. All the stupidity feels intentional, and it’s really fun, so yeah, best show this season. This show makes me slap my forehead so much.

    For comics: Scalped, One Soul, Brian Wood’s Local, umm thats all I got

  12. Strongly echo the “one soul.” That book is amazing–picked it up from the author at San Diego, read it in a night, and the neat thing is, it would be virtually impossible, due to the unique, daunting and only-in-comics structure, to have the same reading experience with it twice. I dunno that it’s fun, but it’s amazing.

    I picked up Soul Kiss (slim hardcover from Image) from Steven T. Seagle at the Image show last weekend, and I feel like the story drops in the last page or two, but up til then it’s a dark comedy thing with amaaaaazing art from Marco Cinello.

    Oh, and speaking of slim hardcovers, I just read that new Hellboy, “House of the Living Dead.” Mignola, Corben, as good as you’d expect …

    Feel better, man. SF is a dicey place to ride a bike. I always feel more comfortable toolin’ around Oakland … Glad you (seem to have, far as I can tell) walked away okay.

  13. Hope you get better soon- your blog is one of my regular stops on the Internet, period, and I always enjoy your arguments/ editorials on the state of comics because they’re passionate yet not hate-prone or irrational.

    It’s a bit old, but I’ve lately really been vibing the Curren$y/ Alchemist COVERT COUP mixtape- it’s a half an hour or so, but it’s some gorgeous, smooth production and Spitta kills as usual. Also the new Speech Debelle album is pretty righteous and funky.

    Reading wise, I’ve been thoroughly digging on ATOMIC ROBO since the ComiXology sale- it’s funny as all hell and has a heart, and I recently devoured both volumes of Floyd Gottfredson’s MICKEY MOUSE volumes. They’re testaments to comics are and visual storytelling, and they have more genuine hilarity and big-picture ideas than a lot of modern stuff… it’s mindblowing to think this was available to any and everyone, for free in the paper, almost 80 years ago.

    Feel better! Weeks like this don’t last, they just remind you to make the other ones do so.

  14. Hi David. Long time reader/first time comment/etc.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    If I was only going to recommend one thing – it would be Community. Which if you haven’t already seen. Well – you should.

    What he said: http://filmcrithulk.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/you-are-out-of-fucking-excuses-hulk-command-you-to-watch-community-right-now/

  15. Do you like crime novels at all? If so check out the works of Don Winslow. The Winter of Frankie Machine is a favorite of mine.

    Feel better soon.

  16. Long time reader first time commenter. Hope you recovery goes smooth and fast man. Here’s what I am watching and reading:

    Watching Homeland and Alcatraz two shows that keep you guessing what is going on. For laughs I got to catch New Girl and Big Bang.

    Reading in books American Sniper, and The Tiger. Waiting as patiently as one can for the next Game of Thrones book!

    Reading in Comics just started Conan by Wood, Fatale, American Vampire, Elephantmen, BPRD, Invincible, and Ultimate Spiderman. And of course Walking Dead. I just love these comics because of the main story and character development. Also the art is awesome too!

  17. Playing a fair bit of Crusader Kings 2. A very difficult medieval political strategy game.

  18. Last thing I finished reading was Why I Hate Saturn, which was the perfect book I needed to read right now.

    I needed something viciously funny with wit and Kyle Baker can deliver like no other.

  19. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    One thing I want to recommend is ‘Writing Movies for Fun and Profit’ by Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant. It’s a hilarious and informative book on writing studio movie. Also includes funny anecdotes and script samples.

    Pretty fast reading, but from all the prime choices from the prior posts, you’ll be busy.

  20. Hope you heal up quick! I was hoping to start biking again in the spring, which could be between one and four months away here…

    Aside from a lot of B.P.R.D. and Atomic Robo, I just re-read the first Garth Ennis Fury miniseries. Still holds up.

  21. Just finished reading Beat The Reaper and Wild Thing by Wild Josh Bazell. Also finished the last book in the Travis Chase series Deep Sky by Patrick Lee. Great books. Comic wise Invincible was great this week. Atomic Robo finished up last week. I really like Fantastic Four Season One. I’m glad the artist is doing a stint on Ultimate Spider-Man. Re-reading Ultimates by Millar and Hitch.
    Watching How I met your Mother on Netflix. The only live TV I watch is Modern Family, Parks and Rec and Up All Night.
    Listening to Hit The Lights – Invicta, fun. – Some Nights. Tyga – Careless World and Gym Class Heroes Paper Cut part 2.
    The only thing I’m consuming right now is some chocolate chip caramel cookie bars. Next week it will be the iPad 3.

  22. Scalped has been awesome!!

  23. @zebrazygotes: That reads like you’re using “Deadwood” as an adjective to describe Terriers, which, given what I’ve heard about its quality, may not be inaccurate. Deadwood is both funny and emotionally devastating, wouldn’t you say?

    I will defend John From Cincinnati ’til my dying breath. Probably not well, but with all my heart.

    Only seen the pilot for Luck so far, but I’m pumped for the series. MIIIIILCH!

  24. Aw man hope you recover soon. You should read anything by Charles Stross, especially Accelerando. I’ve been listening to Remain in Light by the Talking Heads, Marco Benevento’s two latest albums and since I’m going to see Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad in a couple weeks I’ve been catching up with some of their newest shows on archive.org…so listen to that stuff because it’s good! Also Dr. Dog’s new album is pretty good and the Wood Brothers have a fairly new album out that’s really awesome 🙂

  25. I haven’t seen you mention it before, but if there’s a part of you that likes psychedelia I’d recommend checking out Jim Noir, who might be interesting to you for reasons besides his music alone. For the past year or so he’s been releasing short EPs monthly via his website. Each EP is £3.99, or a £2.99 if you subscribe. I’d like to see more bands follow this model, being the sort who enjoys B-sides even if they’re often more uneven than a proper album.

    He also started neat psychedelic music/variety show just a month or two ago that features oddities I certainly haven’t heard anywhere else. He posts links to these on his FB page weekly.

    A couple highlights:
    Ships and Clouds – Jim Noir (2008)
    Don’t You Worry – Jim Noir (2008)
    Hello and Good Morning Everybody – Early Learnings 1998 – 2005 Part II
    X Marks The Spot – Intermission (2011)
    Praise For Your Mother – Helicopters Left (2012) You can download this EP free http://www.jimnoir.com/club/

  26. Hey David, hope you feel better soon. Sorry your week has been made of suck.

    I’m just finished “The Warlords of Utopia” by Lance Parkin, and would highly recommend it. The premise is this: all the alternate universes where the Roman empire never fell go to war with all the ones where the Nazis won World War II. It’s like one of those high concept old pulp novels everyone fondly remembers, but which is actually every bit as awesome as they make it out to be. It weighs in at a slim 200 pages, so you can blow though it easily in an afternoon, and if it grabs you the way it grabbed me, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

    If you like it, it’s connected to a much larger series of books all set in the Faction Paradox universe, many of which would also be worth your time, but there’s literally nothing you need to know about the world to enjoy the book. Its a very satisfying standalone; no Geoff Johns “who lit the birthday candles back in Detective #235” BS.

  27. Get well soon, dude.

    I assume you’re already reading Fatale. Also, I just read the first volume of Green Wake and I’m extremely curious what you’d think of it. Those and my Essential Moon Knight books are the only comix I’ve been reading lately.

  28. first time, long time

    read http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=23646

    watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peP_eMkGO2U

    listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmXZuv5BaHg

  29. Another long-time reader, first time poster popping up. I was actually going to suggest Community as well for some seemingly much-needed levity.

    China Mieville is a dude who’s been bouncing between genres; he hit with a trilogy of really grimy fantasy novels and then started doing other stuff. The City and The City is his mystery thing, and while it’s not as dark or as violent as Ellroy or the Parker stuff it still hits that particular spot for me.

    I’m going through Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, but only the ones dealing with Vimes or the Watch, which as the years go on are only prevented from being pitch black detective pastiches through humor and word choice. It’s not quite laughter on the edge of tears; it’s more like Batman’s initial laugh at the end of The Killing Joke. It’s hard to recommend these because it’s such an entrenched series at this point, but again, it kind of hits that spot for me when I’m looking for something in that noir/detective/mystery/crime vein but don’t want to go the full Ellroy.

    Keep your head up.

  30. Reading- Fatale, Invincible, Winter Soldier, Animal Man, Glory, Astonishing X-Men for Pak, are probably the best books I’m pulling these days. Like someone else said, you NEED to be reading Fatale if you’re not already.

    Listening to- WaRRock is the newest album I picked up, so I’ve been listening to that amongst bunch of podcasts and older stuff.

    Playing Rayman Origins, Bastion, and getting ready for ME3. You really need to pick up the 1st 2 for the PS3 and PC/360.

  31. Get better, man.

    Reading wise…the Hairpin’s series “Scandals of Classic Hollywood” is full of fascinating stuff. And I dunno if you’re one of those dudes who crushes on girls you’d need a time machine to hollar at (god knows I am), but this is basically awesome for that.

  32. I recently started reading Inio Asano’s Oyasumi Punpun, and it’s pretty much the greatest fucking comic I have ever read in my life, no joke. If you haven’t read it, you owe it to yourself. Also on the manga front, I’ll recommend some titles I feel don’t get enough love: Eden: It’s an Endless World, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, and Excel Saga (way, WAY better than the show).

    For comics, I’ve recently started getting into Matt Wagner’s Grendel, having finished Devil By The Deed, started Devil’s Legacy, and currently detouring into Batman/Grendel, which is fantastic. I have a whole bunch of trades in wait to read too, including Peter Milligan’s X-Force. I’ve also just started Kurt Busiek’s Trinity vol. 2, thought Fabian Nicieza’s contributions are noticeably better, much as I like Busiek.

  33. As far as comic go let me rep for the Columbus, Ohio scene (I’m assuming you are already reading a lot of the same indies I am).

    I can get you copies of my own work http://www.2headedmonstercomics.com/ either print or PDF. You’ve been killing it on here lately and I’d be glad to send you stuff.

    One of my crew also does and autobio webcomic http://nextyearsgirl.com/ and she does some really neat stuff with layouts and color.

    I also recommend Punchup which you can read online here http://www.punch-up.net/.

    If garage rock horror is more your thing I’d recommend http://www.nixcomics.com/pages/index.php?pageId=151 . THere’s black and white PDF’s of previous issues available on the site but it’s worth reading in color.

    I’d also check out American Barbarian, anything by Benjimin Mara, anything by Michael DeForge, Crickets, Powr Mastrs, Dungeon Quest, Scary Go Round (now Bad Machinery), Bruno, Questionable Content, and Something Positive if you have not already been reading all of those.

  34. Justified on FX is fantastic.

    If you like the Black Keys at all, Gary Clark Jr. Great Stuff.

  35. I have no entertainment suggestions, as I don’t know what you’re consuming at the moment, but just wanted to pass along concern and well wishes for the accident, sir.

  36. really enjoy this site and reading your posts. hope your feeling alright. i was just wondering seeing that your so well read when it comes to comic books and stuff, have you ever penned any?

  37. @James W: that’s what I get when I post stuff instead of catching up on sleep.
    I’ve only seen the first season of Deadwood and that was awhile ago, so I’m probably pretty fuzzy on it, but the main difference between it and Terriers is that Terriers is more episodic and the humor mainly comes from the two main guys attempting to make each other chuckle.
    They’re both brilliant shows (for me, they both went from enjoyable to must complete around the fourth/fifth episodes) that I’d recommend to anyone.

    Also, I grabbed that Tom Gauld Goliath book today. It’s a really well done, understated and minimalist comic. If anyone likes that sort of thing, check it out.

  38. Jimmy Two-Shoes. Teletoon show about a kid in hell. Oh, they don’t CALL it that, but it IS hell. Most of it is up on Youtube. It’s a lighter, more chaotic take on Billy and Mandy. Well, well worth watching and will chase away those blues.

  39. If you are at all interested in really good ultraviolent animation, check out Superjail, it’s a work of art.

  40. Watching: Luck is absolutely amazing. Also, not sure if horror is up your wheelhouse, but Supernatural is kind of an amazing TV show for being a CW show.

    Reading: Abnett’s & Lanning’s New Mutants has been getting solidly great recently. Also, I’ve been reading the old Hama GI Joe comics, and those are absolutely fantastic.

  41. You can probably still dig up the issues in any well-stocked quarter bin, so let me heartily recommend an unsung work of genius from the much (and, typically, rightfully) maligned TEKNO COMIX:

    TeknoPhage #1-6 — Rick Veitch scripting and Bryan Talbot drawing from Neil Gaiman’s back-of-a-napkin plot. (A dream team from your worst nightmares!) A viciously surreal, neo-Dickensian, post-Brechtian satire about a rapacious saurian capitalist literally mowing down towns of the downtrodden to fuel his travelling smoke-spewing Hell-factory. This thing came out like 17 years ago but reads like the official comicbook of both the Steampunks AND Occupy Wall Street. Three thumbs up.

  42. As for this week, you should check out Sergio Funnies #7, the Ralph Wiggum comic, and Ted McKeever’s Mondo — they’ll all make you feel good about comics again, especially Sergio.

    And if I were laid up in bed I’d take the opportunity to finally dive into Metamaus.

    And watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, of course, with the commentary track on.

  43. making a list of Danger Girl Onomatopoeia, rereading Balent’s 3 Little Kittens to get the mindset and watching old Batman TV show clips.

  44. @zebrazygotes: It’s good though! “That’s so Deadwood” – I’m using it.
    Yeah, Terriers is on my list for sure.

  45. I know this is old and all but, Ive been wanting to know your opinion on Grant Morrisons Manhattan Guardian comic, and if dc should ever make it a regular series.

  46. Hm. Most recently I finally watched the Doctor Who specials from ’09, which were the end of David Tennant’s run as the Doctor. While I love the cheesy classic series (it was one of my favorite shows as a kid, and to be fair I love cheesy, low-budget stuff in general; see also Dark Shadows, 60’s Batman and Japanese shows featuring men in rubber monster suits), modern special effects make the new show easier to take seriously. It’s still a little goofy sometimes, but not nearly as much as it was. Anyhow, David Tennant did a fantastic job with the character and I can’t say enough good things about how well the new series updates the franchise. I’ve heard people say things get even better with Matt Smith, but I’ve only seen bits and pieces of his stuff; the US broadcast moved from SyFy (which is in my cable package) to BBC America (which is not) after the fourth season.

    While we’re talking about British series, I caught some of Sherlock on PBS. I wasn’t sold on the idea of Sherlock Holmes set in the present when I heard about it, but I was when I saw it. It’s very true to the spirit of the character while effortlessly incorporating modern conveniences like cell phones and the Internet. I’m definitely interested in seeing more.

    Also, Psych is back as of last Wednesday. Very clever, character-driven comedy laced with countless 80’s references. I really don’t understand why it isn’t a bigger name. Maybe because it’s on basic cable? In my opinion, it’s one of the funniest shows currently running.

  47. I’d love to read your thoughts of Justice League: Doom

  48. Haven’t consumed anything worthwhile lately, but definitely sending my wishes that all goes well.

  49. I just got the latest book of Blade of the Immortal so it is on my mind for a recommendation. Not that I don’t recommend it every chance I get.

    Hiroaki Samura’s series is a samurai tale of revenge and redemption. This being his first manga, you can watch an evolution in the work. The story is always good, but the art changes over time from controlled to fluid.

    Violent, beautiful, compelling.

  50. I am giving Believo! by Enon another listen and that’s a nice thing to hear if you missed it

  51. Hmm…

    I am literally in love with “Just Call My Name”-Andy Skopes, right now. It’s my “Listen to it ten times in a row” jogging song.