Pretty Girls: Cliff Chiang

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Cliff Chiang: Blog, Lambiek, Twitter
Books: Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality, Neil Young’s Greendale, Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre, Green Arrow/Black Canary: Family Business
Why? The fashion is a big part of what makes his work so crucial. He not only draws clothes like what you might actually see somebody wearing on the street, but they actually fit and have those little details that keep them from being plain. Folds, curves, wrinkles, whatever whatever.

What I like best (well not best best, but best at this specific moment in time) about Chiang’s work isn’t specifically lady-related, but it plays a role in why his ladies look so good. He’s got an absolutely fantastic sense of design. He uses blacks like the best of them, on par with people like Eduardo Risso. The lighting in cliffchiang-Justice_League_Generation_Lost_9.jpg is fantastic, especially Max Lord’s figure in the background. In cliffchiang-sadie.jpg, the crowd is rendered in both black and white, but it isn’t confusing at all.

Lady-wise, Chiang has a very classic approach to faces that I like. Same kind of classy dame/good girl that Darwyn Cooke and Jordi Bernet work with sometimes, right? You can see it in cliffchiang-scarlett.jpg, but cliffchiang-sadie.jpg and cliffchiang-sun.jpg shows that a classy dame can easily be turned into something more modern with a couple of tweaks. Versatility counts.

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5 comments to “Pretty Girls: Cliff Chiang”

  1. check out the Josie Mac backup Chiang did in Detective Comics #763-772/784.

  2. Man, you gotta give it up for Cliff, the dude can fuckin’ draw.

  3. Agree. I love his stuff. Thought I’d share a commission he did for me at SDCC in 2009. I asked for a classic 60’s Saturn Girl, got him some reference and then got this back.

    He said the more he looked at it, the more he that costume design reminded him of flight attendant uniforms in the 60’s and that was his inspiration for this piece.


  4. Awesome art.

    I’m regret not buying the Doctor 13 TPB. I can’t seem to find it nowadays.

  5. What I like about Cliff Chiang’s pretty girls is actually the verisimilitude. They’re pretty the same way real women are pretty, instead of being pretty the way a drawing or painting of a woman is. Compare the way he accentuates Princess’ curves by giving her a graceful pose to the way most artists on deviantart or the like would do it, by exaggerating the size of her hips and breasts.