Fourcast! 66: Dead Wrong at New York Comic Con

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-New York Comic Con Special Edition Fourcast!
-I borrowed my main man Pedro Tejeda from Funnybook Babylon and grabbed Gavin for a true FBB4l! connection.
-We talk about the con.
-I predict the cancellation of Young Allies, though I have it eight issues rather than six.
-We sing.
-We say mean things.
-We say hilarious things.
-There are music clips.
-Big ups to Joe from FBB for editing and recording this one for us.
-This is one of my favorites.
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-If we want to talk to you, you better not listen, you might wind up in critical condition… we’re American Males.
-See you, space cowboy!

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3 comments to “Fourcast! 66: Dead Wrong at New York Comic Con”

  1. Just to prove my point.

  2. The best way to graph 1970s/1980s african-american Norman Mailer shows to comics is using marvel:

    1. Jefferson’s = Fantastic Four (with Alan as the Human Torch)
    2. Good Times = X-Men (with Wolverine = JJ and Penny = Kitty Pryde)
    3. 227 = The Avengers (with Jackie = Scarlet Witch)

    The late 80s/early 90s shows are better with DCU characters:

    1. The Cosby Show = Doom Patrol (Denise = Elasti-Girl)
    2. A Different World = The New Titans (Dwayne Wayne = Nightwing, Whitney = Starfire)
    3. Living Single = Birds of Prey (Kyle = Savant, Overton=Creote)

    Okay, I’ve thought way too much about this topic tonight…

  3. Gavok straight-up killed on this, I cannot lie.