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Courtesy of MTV’s Splash Page:

Not entirely sure how I feel about it–the best parts of All-Star Superman were the parts that could only be done as a comic and would get stripped out of the running time of an 80 (or whatever) minute film. The death of Pa Kent and the tenth issue, which is essentially Flex Mentallo told in 22 pages (superheroes are here to save us, both literally and figuratively, and we created them to do so), seem like they wouldn’t translate very well, or even at all. Regardless, I’ll probably watch it. The people involved are pretty talented, and the trailer’s a-okay.

You can get All-Star Superman in two paperback volumes for about twenty bucks total (volume 1 and volume 2) or pre-order the oversized Absolute All Star Superman for… sixty-eight bucks. Absolutes are nice, but rough to read and reread. Choose wisely.

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11 comments to “All-Star Superman Trailer”

  1. Some lines “sound better” when read silently rather than read aloud. This series seems to have those kinds of lines.

    I don’t praise A-SS like some. I’m curious, though.

  2. @West
    It’s not that as much as that ASS was a very goofy series and this trailer seems super serious.

  3. I’ll give it a shot, the trailer seems decent enough. The faces looked a little odd but I gotta say I got excited when I saw Supes put on the solar suit.

  4. Also, funny thing I just realized – all of the Superman solo movies in the DCU line are about him apparently dying.

  5. I loved All-Star Superman. it was the series that got me back into reading comics again, after a very lengthy abscence. for the most part, I think, the DC cartoons have been enjoyable enough, but I just don’t see how this is going to work. how’re they gonna fit Bizarro World and Bar-El in there? and I’m guessing they’ve just left issues # 6 & 10 out, completely. still an’ all, that said, I’ll end up watching it.

  6. Going in, fans knew beforehand the gravitas of All Star Superman. How would it have read if it was originally issued as a “normal” mainstream comic in the Superman or Action titles? Still a good tale over 6 or so issues but without the fan fare and worshipful aspect, I think. That is probably how the animated adaption will play.

  7. Hey, if it gets people to read the book, right?

  8. Anthony LaPaglia is all wrong for Luthor. What’s wrong with using Clancy Brown? Why is it a new voice crew every time one of these movies comes out?

  9. David, what do you mean about the Absolutes being “rough to read?”

  10. @Thomas Z: I own a few (my favorites being New Frontier and Dark Knight), but pulling them down off a shelf for casual reading happens rarely. The art is beautiful, paper quality fantastic, andextras plentiful, but the size, weight, and slipcase make me much less likely to pick them up on a whim. You can’t really read an Absolute on a bus, you know?

  11. What I never understood is why they’ve never thought of doing a serialized storyline through the dvds. The pacing of All Star Superman is that of a monthly. It reads well as chapters to one long story. I’d love it if they could just somehow serialize it first and then package it together. I’d love to see 10-15 minute segments of the 12 part story and then see a huge dvd version of it. I’m sure that would draw traffic to the DC website. Or put it on Cartoon Network Adult Swim Saturdays. That would be like Warren Ellis’ GI Joe series that was serialized in 15 minute segments.

    But I can also see how that would be a pain, both commercially and financially, but artistic-wise, there are just some stories that work better if you have a couple of days to really ponder it.