Three covers and three words.

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Three November covers and three words to describe each of them.

Red Robin #17

No chance, lady.

Superman #705

What the shit?

Secret Six #27

Oh.  Hell.  Yes.

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16 comments to “Three covers and three words.”

  1. DC’s been kicking Marvel’s tushie on covers lately. Or, I don’t know, I just started reading comics from either one of them. But they’re definitely doing it right now.

  2. What’s the Red Robin homage to?

  3. I’m so excited that Red Robin will probably have a long-awaited Cass Cain appearance.

    All the Cassaday Superman covers have been really boring. He should start doing the classic Golden and Silver Age trick of drawing stuff on the cover that doesn’t happen in the story. Bring back that “Benedict Arnold with a flaming sword” cover and have Superman fighting him if we gotta go the FUCK YEAH AMERICA route. That would at least make me kind of want to open the book.

  4. Ha, I said the same damn thing about the Secret Six cover. Because what else can you say?

  5. What’s up with that Superman cover looking like a WWII propaganda poster? All it needs are squid arms to represent the encroaching Kryptonazi threat. Cassaday’s covers have been boring lately.

  6. Superman looks like a vampire.
    A social vampire.

  7. “Cassaday’s covers have been boring lately.”

    To be fair, it’s not like they’re betraying the material.

  8. Superman IS a reverse-vampire, after all.

    It’s why I’ve been demanding a Superman vs. Dracula feud for years.

  9. My initial reactions were:

    RED ROBIN – The lady’s doggie hat looks silly, which is about the nicest thing I could say about her costume. Timmy seems to agree with me.

    SUPERMAN – I giggled, because it appears Supes is bowing-down on a map of the USA, and isn’t thrilled about it.

    SECRET SIX – You pretty much got it, there. What an impressively, unconditionally, adjective-inspiring cover. Hell yes, indeed.

  10. Two thoughts:

    1. If Bane hadn’t spent all those years juicing, he wouldn’t need to overcompensate like that. *tinkle tinkle tinkle*

    I’m surprised he hasn’t sloshed racing stripes down the side of her face.

    2. That looks like the worst episode of “Dinosaur Comics” ever.


  11. I’m afraid that my understanding of American geography really isn’t up to scratch. Which two states are those that Superman is crushing beneath his mighty foot? And why does Canada look so dark and menacing?

  12. Tim Drake must remain a virgin forever. Batman only accepts them pure. That’s what did both Jason Todd and Steph in, you know. That’s why Dick had to change to Nightwing after a few nights too many in the Titans’ Tower.

    Damian is alright for now but when his time comes in five years or so, good old Drake will still be there; ready to fill the green pants; unsoiled.

  13. My first thought on the Superman cover was “Vampire Superman”, which begs for somebody with better Photoshop skills than me to add a word balloon for him going “Fifty! Fifty states! AH-AH-AH!” like the Count from Sesame Street.

    And Bane riding a dinosaur makes me want to buy Secret Six this month. I don’t care what’s inside, because DUDE: Bane riding a dinosaur.

  14. Those are the Dakotas (North and South). Don’t worry, no one lives there.

  15. @clay

    Dude, I live in North Dakota. Summers suck, winters suck even harder, but the economy is top-notch and the state’s a BBW-lover’s paradise. :smugbert:

  16. Tim looks like he’s restraining something there. Perhaps gas, perhaps a show-er.