This Week is Next Week

August 21st, 2010 by |

So bad news on my front. My computer is dead (murdered! Moltar, serve the first course!) and I won’t be getting it back until Tuesdayish. Since I can’t do any meaningful updates off my Droid, tomorrow’s This Week in Panels will have to be merged with next week’s edition.

Ah, well. At least I can catch up on my reading.

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2 comments to “This Week is Next Week”

  1. hell, no! I’m hanging on here for the next Panther post!

    seriously, virus? same crap happened to me a ways back, and I’ve been banging thing’s out on the wife’s laptop since! damn them all to hell!

  2. @joe bloke: David is doing the 4thLetter half of the Panther posts. Gavok is the one with the broken computer who normally does the Week in Panels…