Live Action Blue Beetle Show

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Just when I decided I was fine with not going to this year’s Comic-Con, what with the crowds, and no place to stay, and five days of eight-dollar hot dogs eaten while crouched in the corner of a convention center, Geoff Johns tweets that The Blue Beetle will be a live-action TV show.

Let me say that again:  the 24 issue run that I have pimped time and time again, and that I consider one of the best books in comics.  Ever.  Is going to be a live-action TV series, with previews at Comic-Con.

Damn you, Cruel Fate.

That being said – for all the Blue Beetle fans out there: it is time to start dancing.  Dance!  DANCE RIGHT THERE IN YOUR CHAIR!

This is so fantastic.  Here are five things I hope will happen.

1.  John Rogers and Keith Giffen are involved in this series.

2.  They keep The Family Reyes.  That is one of the best, sweetest, wisest, and yet imperfect groups of people I’ve ever seen in any form of media.

3.  They also keep La Dama.  I loved her as a villain.  She was one of the few villains in comics who was motivated by specific and understandable goals: family, security, and money.  So many villains are just motivated by an abstract desire to be evil.

4.  The Lonar Excursion, complete with tiny little fuzzy aliens whose language translates to hilarious lines.  My favorite one part?  Where they just tried to drink Brenda’s blood, and got beat up by Brenda and Lonar, and then came back all, “eep eep eep” and the translation was:  “We’re cool, you’re cool. Let’s all just be cool.”  You said it, ewok rip-offs!

5.  Oh god you can’t have a Jaime Blue Beetle series without Guy Gardner!  Please, please, please, please.

6.  The Ultrahumanite, too.

7.  This is just to say that The Blue Beetle also had the storyline with the best title. Ever.  Seriously, read comics all your life, you will never beat this one.  It’s one in which Eclipso wants to rip the heart out of a super-powered baby to – something.  That doesn’t matter.  What matters is that the issue was called ‘Total Eclipso: The Heart.”  My god.  It’s full of stars.

8.  I know this is a long shot, but I’d love for Ted to be in there.  It’s canon that he wanted to retire and be an inventor, and that the scarab didn’t work for him.  Don’t get me wrong, I like The Peacemaker, but Ted is just so sweet and goofy and smart and ridiculous.  I miss the guy.

That turned into eight things and every one of them is essential.

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7 comments to “Live Action Blue Beetle Show”

  1. Geoff Johns did NOT tweet that there will be a live-action Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle TV show. He tweeted that he was granted access to test footage of a live-action Blue Beetle transformation. And now he has permission to show that test footage at Comic-Con. If you read his blog post at The Source, he specifically notes that it is just test footage and no show has been greenlit.

  2. Well, I guess it’s not just me who decided to:
    a) skip Comic-Con in 2010, and
    b) is getting shit on immensely for the first time in years over this!

    At least I feel LESS bad now.

  3. I haven’t even read this book yet, and I am beyond keen for this series to happen.


    I so hope this gets greenlit.

  5. It seems that when I decide not to go to comic-con, Grant Morrison always shows up.

  6. They should adapt that Eclipso story for an episode, if just for the “I…AM…A DENTIST!” moment.

  7. A Blue Beetle tv series would be awesome – just look at what they did with Smallville!