The Truth is Back

April 5th, 2010 by | Tags: , , ,

LeSean Thomas’s blog had the link of the day for me.

Remember Aaron McGruder’s The Boondocks? Heir apparent to Dave Chappelle’s The Chappelle Show and one of the most brutally funny shows on TV?

It’s back!

There’s just glimpses of things in here– Huey vs White Jesus, Stinkmeaner possessing Granddad (!), tons of anime/kung-fu/rap references, VladTV… this season is gonna be something serious.

Who linked me to this on Twitter? I love you madly.

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11 comments to “The Truth is Back”

  1. That was me who linked it. I can’t wait, especially since it looks like theres a Kickball episode and YOU KNOW LeSean Thomas has read Peng!

  2. [i]Huey vs White Jesus, Stinkmeaner possessing Granddad (!)[/i]

    You got all that from the dialogueless trailer?

    I just saw it. While I’m sad this will be the final season, I’m sure McGruder will bring the funny once again. Here’s hoping that [as] doesn’t leave any episodes on the shelf, like they did with the two anti-BET eps last season.

  3. FINAL SEASON?!!?!

  4. Any hope of the comic strip coming back?

  5. This news makes me deleriously happy.

  6. Shit.

    Talk about using the power of the trailer to reignite the darkening embers of interest in a series.

    Pre-trailer? I barely cared.
    Post-trailer? Cain’t hardly wait.

    Thanks for that.

  7. I Repeat: FINAL SEASON?!

  8. Wow. That looks amazing.

  9. @Niles Day: All good things must come to an end, my friend. Be glad McGruder is able to give the show a graceful ending that will probably tie up all the loose ends. And who knows about the future?

  10. Fuck me blind YES! ‘Bout damn time.


    Final season?



    Looks amazing. Cool fighting scenes. Plus, the kickball thing and Boogie Nights part look very intriguing. Can’t wait for more of Uncle Ruckus’ great rants.