Dope artist – bengal

September 15th, 2008 by | Tags:

www.CafeSale.net – bengal

I forget how I found this (a link off a link off a link off a link), but I really, really dig this art. Some of it is nsfw, mind, but the Catwoman pieces are the bomb and the general sense of fun and style is prevalent. The website design is also pretty tight. Go give it a look. I’m probably going to go through the site (once i get some free time) and work up some iPhone wallpapers.

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3 comments to “Dope artist – bengal”

  1. great art, and good looking website, but it’s a really clumsy site. I won’t get into specifics, but the images popup as a tiny window which i have to resize. Lightbox, people!

  2. Yeah, I hate the image popups!

  3. oh yeah, if you click on my name, and hit portfolio, the images there are using the aforementioned lightbox.