Just Thinking About. Tomorrow.

March 23rd, 2010 by | Tags: , , , ,

This was a tough one.  Even the second issue of Birds of Prey looks grim.

But there’s still First Wave, and its unabashed pulp to fall back on.  I like The Spirit, though.  I like that it looks like Doc Savage is punching him in the nose.  And I like that the shadow of Batman’s hand looks like a cartoony claw.

It’s funny how David loved the idea of this series and I was luke-warm, and now I’m having much more fun with it than he is.
Of course I’ve only seen the first issue.

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3 comments to “Just Thinking About. Tomorrow.”

  1. something I can’t unsee: There’s a couple of evil light-in-the-shadow eyes between Batman’s leg and Spirit’s hat!

    Didn’t know batman could hide in the shadow of his own leg, but… well, I’m not surprised. (I guess it would look better if I saw the full-size cover)

  2. @Jordan: Click again, I hooked up a larger cover.

    And yeah, I dunno what the deal is. Maybe I need to see more of the story first. Maybe I need to see somebody maimed or shot up before I can dig it :(

  3. @Jordan: I noticed that too, but I thought I was just imagining it! Anyone can have eyes in the back of their head. Batman has eyes on the back of his thigh.