4thletter! Black Friday Telethon

November 25th, 2009 by | Tags:

We don’t have a Paypal button on 4l!, mostly because I’m torn on the idea of people just giving money to the site for nothing. I’d rather someone get something in exchange– Amazon and Project Wonderful ended up being perfect for that.

Amazon is running Black Friday deals all week, and if you click this link, you’ll be taken directly to Amazon, where anything you buy gives us a kickback. Theoretically, this works even if you browse around and buy stuff, as long as you came to Amazon via that link. You can also use the search box on the sidebar (it says Amazon Search, you can’t miss it) and get the same result. Same as the Amazon boxes on any review post.

Costs you nothing extra, you get in on some dope deals, and you help me embezzle money pay for 4l!’s hosting. If you aren’t into shopping online… no bigs. Thanks for reading anyway.

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4 comments to “4thletter! Black Friday Telethon”

  1. I have to order a Christmas present or two over the next few weeks, so if you gave me one of those for Amazon.ca, I’d be happy to click it whenever I did that.

  2. @Chad Nevett: It looks like Amazon.ca is a separate company from Amazon, so I can’t make international links. Sucks!

  3. @david brothers: That’s a shame. Makes it hard for your international readers to show some love simply by doing what they’d do anyway. Bastards.

  4. Same problem as Chad. =(