Die Hard: Year One & The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh

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BOOM! Studios kindly sent over a couple previews of books that are debuting tomorrow. Die Hard: Year One is a Howard Chaykin/Stephen Thompson joint, while The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh is by Mark Waid and Minck Oosterveer.

Die Hard first:


John Paul Leon doing Die Hard covers? Be still my beating heart. What do you guys think? It feels kind of like Howard Chaykin doing a David Lapham riff, since the narration reminds me a lot of how Lapham kicked off Batman: City of Crime. Maybe I’m stretching, I dunno.

Devil Made Flesh:


Seems kinda light as a preview, since it more or less requires knowledge of the previous series. I dug the last book, though, and it’s interesting that Doyle doesn’t seem to remember what happened. What do you think?

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4 comments to “Die Hard: Year One & The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh”

  1. I’m not sure why the Unknown isn’t being done simply as an ongoing series since there isn’t a break between series… but this first issue is pretty good. My favourite issue of the ‘series’ so far.

    Haven’t read Die Hard yet, but since I should write a review of it for CBR tonight, I’ll do that soon.

  2. “the narration reminds me a lot of how Lapham kicked off Batman: City of Crime.”

    To some, this is not a recommendation.

  3. Unknown: DMF – Cover A looks a lot like Megan Fox, cover B looks a lot like Kate Beckinsale.

    Appropos of nothing, I know.

  4. Wait, they’re making a Die Hard comic? Wow, I may have to give it a look.