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I find that when I have a difficult challenge to face, it can be overcome more easily if I think of the theme music from Terminator 2.  That lets me pretend I am a steely-eyed, nineties Linda Hamilton who is working to prepare for a post-apocalyptic society and who can do pull-ups and stab someone in the knee with a pen if they cross me.

Sometimes the theme music from the animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series works better if I’m feeling a little more jiffy.  Something about the exclamation of ‘Turtle Power!’ at the end just works for me.

Anyone draw inspiration from a similar source?

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10 comments to “Theme Music”

  1. Teen Titans, GO! when I’m working out.

    Mostly when I turn to music is when I need help focusing, and then it tends to be movie scores by Hans Zimmer or John Williams.

  2. John Williams’ Superman theme. When I need confidence, I hum it; or better yet if I can I dig out the mp3 and listen to it.

  3. “The Souls of Chaos” a Chaos Legion remix from ocremix.org. It’s got just the right mix of time-to-kick-butt, followed by quiet reflectiveness and ending with more time-to-kick-butt. Love it.

  4. – Opening of Justice League Unlimited for the traditional Bad Ass Power Walk(R)
    – Theme of Mortal Kombat – the Movie, when it’s time to open the old can of whupass, but not taking it too serious.
    – Invincible, by OK Go is sort of nice, too.
    But if you hear me humming “I feel pretty”, run.

  5. I tend to think of cheesy video game boss music (i.e. from “Don Doko Don,” “Parasol Stars” or “Blinx 2”) during conflicts to set the mood as slightly less overwhelming or dramatic.

    To get myself motivated, I lean towards Ayumi Hamasaki’s “We Wish,” “Unite” or “Mirrocle World.”

  6. How about actual theme music? Stan Hansen’s theme “Sunrise” is excellent when I’m doing 20 minute rides on my bike, the only other theme song I consider is Colt Cabana’s old Copa Cabana remix for when I’m fragging fools on TF2

  7. You’d be surprised how effective “Gonna Fly Now” from Rocky is whenever you need to be motivated.

  8. The Imperial March from Star Wars for whenever Management summon me for a meeting.

  9. The theme song from Magnum PI never fails to jazz me up a little on the drive in to work.

  10. Every time I’m doing my hill climb, I get to the point where “Eye of the Tiger” starts up in my head, and I swear it’s about the only thing that gets me to the top of the hill.